Monday, September 26, 2022

My First Book Is Published

I'm pretty excited about this. After all this time of hemming and hawing and dragging my feet, I've finally got my first book published. You can buy it right now on Amazon. It's totally available for anyone to read. You should check it out.

Many of you will know what I'm talking about, but if you haven't been following the blog recently, you might be unfamiliar with the book. This is a short story collection that I have assembled of all of my Christmas-related short stories. It's called, "Christmas Creatures: A Twisted Christmas Story Collection."

I published it through Amazon as an eBook first. You can buy the eBook for $5.99 or if you are one of those Kindle Unlimited people, then you can read it that way too. I'm new to this, but from what I understand, it's a three month window that it has to be exclusive on Amazon to qualify for the Kindle Unlimited program, then I can release it wide to all the other bookstores out there. So, if you don't do a Kindle, it will be coming to other venues eventually.

So far, it's only available as an eBook, but I am working on the audiobook and the print book, and I mean to have them available long before Christmas is here, so you can buy the book and read it as a part of your annual holiday traditions, because I'm certain you will want to include it in those activities that say,  "It's Christmastime" to you.

The book includes eight stories: one novella, four novelettes, and three short stories. They are:

  1. The Christmas Creature
  2. The Spirit of Christmas
  3. Dear Santa
  4. A Christmas Wish
  5. Reiterating Christmas
  6. Taking a Left Turn
  7. Klaus Kringle
  8. Crossing the Globe

Some of them you might recognize from the Dunesteef show. Others are brand new, never before seen stories, and if you ask me, they're all good. In fact, I think you could ask anyone. Tony the Tiger says they're great.

So, please, head over to Amazon and pick yourself up a copy if you are so inclined, and enjoy the Christmas stories during your yuletide this year.

Oh, I probably ought to give you a link, right? How else will you know how to find the book? Here, click this link, and head over to the Amazon page to pick up the book. Thanks, everybody.

More Big Anklevich On Health

Rather than post the videos every single day, I've decided to just put them on here in chunks. So, since we finished off the last chunk at day 70, here's day 71. I was having a bit of a crisis that day:

My Frustration From Lack Of Progress - Day 71 - BBBE Challenge Daily Update

September is moving along, but I'm pretty sure I haven't made any progress. What do I need to do? Stick with my method? Or change things up? More fasting? I'm open to suggestions.

Here's day 72:

Still Going After All This Time - Day 72 - BBBE Challenge Daily Update

72 days and we're still at it. There are plenty of troubles and challenges, but we keep going and eating the proper human diet, and we're a million miles away from where we were back in March before we started this journey. Also, I'm gonna order me some electrolytes to see if that makes any difference.

Day 73:

Is Everything I've Been Told About Carnivore True? - Day 73 - BBBE Challenge Daily Update

Eat right, restore your health, and the weight will come off as a side-effect of the process. That is what I have believed for a while. Is it true? Will that happen? What is most important? Health certainly has to be the number one priority, and the weight loss can come when it comes, right? This stuff is all true, isn't it?

Day 74:

Can Carnivore Fix Everything? - Day 74 - BBBE Challenge Daily Update

Carnivore seems to fix everything, so if you are on carnivore, can you even get sick? Just what exactly is carnivore capable of fixing?

And lastly, this is the video from this morning, day 75:

When Sick, Should You Listen To Your Body? Or Force Feed It? - Day 75 - BBBE Challenge Daily Update

Marshal is dealing with being a little bit under the weather. His appetite has been suppressed. Should he fight that? Does his body know what it's talking about or does his brain know better?

Okay, see you again soon with another chunk of the daily videos. Or you can just go to the Big Anklevich on Health channel on YouTube and subscribe, to get the videos each and every day. Marshal and I are in the home stretch. Almost to the end of this 90-day BBBE challenge.

Friday, September 23, 2022

The Curse Of The Curious Cat

 My daughter opened up a new puzzle yesterday. All the pieces came in a plastic bag, and she dumped them out and the table, tossing the bag aside.

Later, however, she discovered that she should have thrown that bag out right away, because she came downstairs to see this:

Jupiter has always liked crinkly things like plastic bags, and she had to investigate this one too. It was just the right size to squeeze inside of.

The bag says to keep it out of reach of babies and...but then you can't see what else. I wonder if it says pets. How many times have you seen cell phone video of some poor raccoon with a bottle stuck on its head, Jupiter could have wound up like one of those poor creatures.

Luckily, my daughter was there to help, but even if she hadn't been, it would have been okay, because Jupiter extricated herself from the bag all on her own.

I wouldn't be surprised if something like this ended her some day, though. She is the proverbial cat that was killed by curiosity.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Backlog Of Videos

I took the weekend off from posting stuff, but the scheduled daily BBBE videos continued, so I'm going to post all of the ones I missed here in one post. Enjoy. First of all:

Is There A Way To Get Your Family To Join You? - Day 67 - BBBE Challenge Daily Update

Is there a way to get your family to join you? I'm asking because I don't know. Can setting an example be enough?

Then there's this one:

Want To Get Healthier? Take A Walk - Day 68 - BBBE Challenge Daily Update

Exercise is key to health, and nothing is easier, more accessible, and more effective than walking. Both Marshal and I have added it to our daily routine.

And also this one:

What Do You Do If You Mess Up? Don't Quit! Keep Going! - Day 69 - BBBE Challenge Daily Update

Marshal had a big slip-up, and now he's got to keep himself from sliding down that slippery slope. What's he going to do to get back on track? I bet he's going to keep going...

That's a big one. Marshal had a big slip-up. We all gotta stand behind him, and encourage him to stick with it. How did he follow it up? Let's see the next video:

How To Deal With A Setback - Day 70 - BBBE Challenge Daily Update

Marshal is shocking his system to get back on track. Big thinks he should just eat more butter. Which is best? If only we knew the answer.

So, there you have it. That's what happened over the weekend while I wasn't posting anything here on the blog. Let's all get behind Marshal to help him stick with it. Feel free to join our Facebook group to give him some encouragement or you can just leave a comment on the videos. Thanks. I'll see you again tomorrow.

Almost There

The kitchen is finally coming back together. I showed you a while ago when they put in our sinks, and how excited we were to finally have running water. Now, we've almost got all the stuff back together. The dishwasher is in, and we've started bringing down dishes again.

Look at this, real silverware, not plastic stuff that breaks if you try to press down on it at all.

Yesterday, we had a guy in to re-do the lights. We had these ugly fluorescent panels before. He put in five can lights.

They make the kitchen surprisingly bright. I think we had two burned out fluorescent tubes in our panels, so it had been relatively dim in there up until now.

The next thing they need to do is texture the ceiling, and they install the pendant lights that will hang over the island. That's supposed to happen on Friday.

Before you know, this will all be a memory...and by before you know it, I probably mean several more months from now.

Friday, September 16, 2022

To Avoid A Diet Disaster, Plan Ahead - Day 66 - BBBE Challenge Daily Update

Temptations are all around us, everywhere we look people are offering sugar, sugar, and more sugar. How do you stand up to all of that temptation...well, I posit that planning ahead can make all the difference between success and failure.

Join our Facebook group, and find support for your struggles against a crazy world eating unhealthy food.

A New Guy For Halloween

When I was out looking for toys, this week, I found this guy at Ross, and decided I should add him to my Halloween collection.

I think he'll look really cool with my other Fortnite guys I got for Halloween.

Of course, I still haven't gotten my den in order yet, so none of my books or toys are on the shelves yet. It's already time to put the Halloween stuff up, but I haven't done a thing yet. I really need to get on that. Don't know when I will, though...