Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Still Chugging Along

Over on his blog, Rish Outfield is still blogging every single day, updating his word count (and sit-up count and hike count and so on). I haven't been doing the daily updates of my word count for months now, but I am still writing, still cruising toward my ultimate goal of 300,000 words on the year. In fact, I just hit another milestone along the journey. Here's my present word count for the year:

That puts me at three quarters of the way there. However, I am a long ways from three quarters of the way through the year. In other words, it's going well, and I'm probably going to make it to my goal. Of course, there's all sorts of catastrophes out there that could befall me before I make it, but I'm going to look at it like Nick Fury does:

So, 300,000 here I come.

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