Friday, December 29, 2017

Boxing Day

I went to the store on the day after Christmas when they put everything on sale. At first, I didn't think I'd buy anything, but then I saw a little tiny white Christmas tree. Normally it costs $10, but everything was on sale for 50% off. At $5, I could buy it without feeling bad. So, I did. I thought maybe I could use it next year on my desk at work or replace one of my toy displays on my bookshelf in my study at home.

Then I got home, and I looked at the tree, and I got to thinking and remembering. Why did I bother to buy the white tree? There was a regular green tree, or even a blue one for that matter, but I chose the white one. Then I realized, it was probably this:

That's the Christmas tree I grew up with. Every year we dug that bottle brush-looking thing out of the garage and set it up. My mom had red lights that we hung on it, and most of the ornaments, as well as the topper (wasn't an angel or a star, not really sure what else to call it), were red.

After being flooded with these memories, I decided that I had to do my best to make it as close to a miniaturized version of that tree as I could. I went back to the store, and searched through their 50% off shelves until I managed to create this:

What do you think? Hopefully it'll look good wherever I decide to display it next year.

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