Saturday, April 13, 2019

Catching Up With April Powers

It's been a few days since I gave an update. I need to start doing them each night before going to bed or something. Anyway...

Reporting on the rest of the week. Wednesday was a little more busy than usual, so my lunch break was a little shorter. I only managed to get 275 words that day. So, the total was:

Words Wednesday: 275
Words Total: 4988

Thursday, was a little better. I sat down, expecting to take the story in one direction, but I thought I needed to have Macee talk on the phone to her mom, it would be weird if she didn't do it soon. Then, that conversation ended up being an interesting plot point that I hadn't planned on having at all. It's cool how stuff like that happens. On that day, I got 522. So, the total was:

Words Thursday: 522
Words Total: 5510

Now it was time for some shit to go down. Chaos and mayhem is always easier to write, so I managed to get in 622 words, despite having no more time than any other day. Now it's time to put Brand and Macee through the ringer. But it's the weekend, and I always have a hard time finding a chance to write on the weekend. So, We'll see what I can manage. My total so far is now at:

Words Friday: 622
Words Total: 6132

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