Monday, April 15, 2019

Who Is This April Powers Woman You Keep Talking About

After all this, I'm thinking I may have to name a character April Powers. Probably need to keep her out of any superhero type story, though. That might be a little too on the nose as they say.

Weekends are tough for me to get the writing in. My wife is home, as are the kids, and either my wife will have chores that she wants me to do or my seven-year-old will want me to play with him all day. Saturday, the chore was working in the backyard. My wife decided, back when we moved into this house, that she was going to put a pond and a waterfall in. She'd always wanted one, and this yard had a great spot for it. It's been in various states of creation ever since. Each time we think it's done, we discover that there's another problem with it.

Our issue these days, is that we can't manage to get the waterfall to stop leaking. The water keeps escaping out crack in the sides somewhere, and seeping down into the dirt. If we run the waterfall for more than a minute or two, the water level of the pond quickly lowers. We've got some fish in there, so we can't just let all the water flow out into the dirt.

We worked on the thing for a long time Saturday, but the problem is still not fixed. Another Saturday at least will be required to get that thing in order.

Writing waited until late in the evening, after everyone was asleep. I did manage to get 452 words in on "The Christmas Creature" though. Not an amazing total, but respectable.

Words Saturday: 452
Words Total: 6584

Sunday was a similar situation. My wife had invited her friend over to dinner at our house. That always means that we have to do a thorough clean up of the house. She's not going to let people come over and see the state that our house is usually in. So, we all cleaned all morning and afternoon. I also had to go out and get the lawn mowed and trimmed.

Then her friend arrived, and the cleaning stopped, but now the entertaining commenced. It was, again, late in the evening when I finally got around to writing. I wrote until I was super tired, and wanted to go to bed. When I checked the word count, I was at 488. I couldn't just leave it at that, though. I was so close to 500.

Back in the day, being February of 2017, I began my most fruitful writing streak of my life by pledging to do 500 words a day that month. This time around, I hadn't pledged to any particular word count, but 500 always glows in the back of my brain as the minimum that I should be achieving. Sometimes, I don't care, and I quit at 452. But I tend to feel a little shame if I do. This time, I was so close. 488? That leaves only twelve words to make it to 500. So, I forced myself to go back and write another sentence or two. A few minutes later, I checked the word count and it had flipped over to 512. Now, I was twelve over instead of twelve under.

Words Sunday: 512
Words Total: 7096

There's the weekend. A respectable performance, and after my Sunday experience, I think I'm going to set a word count goal of 500 per day. Most days, it wouldn't take much effort to get there beyond what I have already put in. Without even making it a goal, I've managed to surpass that total more than half the days of the month. So, I'm going to go for it. We'll see how it goes.

I remember back in 2017, I used to post a chart each day that showed my progress, so I looked up that particular spreadsheet, made a new one for April 2019, and here you go, the month so far:

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