Thursday, October 3, 2019

Free Candy!

Moody Gardens sent in some candy canes to the newsroom for some reason. I don't really know why, because it's October 3rd, not December 3rd, but if you look at them a little closer, it might be apt after all.

That looks like a trick, not a treat. Each candy cane has a label. Notice the one on the left is a Kale Candy Cane, the one in the middle is a Krampus Candy Cane, and the one on the right is a Clamdy Cane.

I was about to grab them and take them home to my kids, when I noticed the labels. At first I only noticed the Krampus Candy Cane...that seemed fishy...and I hadn't even noticed the Clamdy Cane yet. Krampus looks like this:

So, any candy cane from him is probably not something you should eat. Then I noticed the other one was called Clamdy Cane...and someone else noticed that the other was Kale. Was it a joke? We decided to unwrap one to see if it smelled funky. He unwrapped the kale, and proclaimed it to be legitimately kale flavored. I unwrapped the clam one, and yes, it was pretty fishy.

I was going to smell the kale one too, but a third coworker held out his hand for us to give it to him. He was going to take one for the team and taste it. He bit a chunk off...and immediately and dramatically spit it out onto his desk. I couldn't stop laughing.

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