Friday, December 26, 2014

Dear Santa Available For Purchase

I wrote this story specifically for the 2014 Dunesteef Christmas episode. It's the story of Santa answering the call of a little boy who needs some help. It's not, however, a heartwarming Christmas tale. It's a tale that is more along the lines of Dunesteef sensibilities. So there you have it.

Head over and pick it up from if you like.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Moonlit Confession Now Available

This story was on the Dunesteef as an incentive episode. So, you're probably familiar with it if you donate to the show. But, if you missed it, it's now available for purchase on

I really like the story, one of the reviewers for the Broken Mirror contest gave it a 10 after all. I won't mention that one of them also gave it a one...oh, shoot. Anyway, check it out. You might not be upset that you did.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Another Story Published

After getting that first story out, I got really excited about publishing. I went over the stories that I felt were ready to be published, and gave them one last check-up. Now, I've got another story published on

It's one you've surely heard me and Rish mention on the show and elsewhere several times, one of my newest creations. The story is called "Chloey, Joey, Zoey, and David Bowie," and you can buy it now.

I really like the story. It's the tale of three best friends living in a very rural Montana town. They go out together on the final night of summer, and while they're out, they see a meteorite come crashing down to earth. After that, all sorts of stuff goes down. Check it out to find out more.

I wrote the story a few months back, right after I finished with the stories that I published on the blog.

Oh, and again, more stories are imminent. I've got it to a copy and paste level here, so it only takes me a few minutes to get a story formatted and put together. And cover art isn't an issue for me. In fact, I think the cover for this one turned out awesome...I hope you agree.

Anyhow, hope you go buy the story, and like it. Be back soon with more!

Friday, December 12, 2014

I Finally Published My First Story

On the last Anklecast, I promised to publish my first story on Smashwords that very, maybe I didn't manage to do it that very day, but I did finally manage to do it! Hooray!

So, if you're interested, my story, "Through the Din of Silence," is now available on Smashwords.

And, hopefully, it will soon be available in many other places too. I'm still not quite sure how that works. But one way or another, I've got to make sure my stories get on too.

So, yeah...please go and buy the story, and enjoy it again or for the first time if you've not heard the podcast from earlier this year.

Oh, and more stories are on the way. Now that I know how to format these things, I think the floodgates are going to open!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Anklecast 21

It's a five year plan, and I've just made it to the end of month...two, I guess, although October was an extra month, so maybe it's just month one. Anyway, I'm here to report again on how things went this month, and to make a few promises as well.

Music was "Crossing The Divide" courtesy of Kevin MacLeod of

Right click HERE to download the episode, select Save Link As, and save the file to your hard drive.