Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy 2020

Happy New Year, Y’all!

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Magneto Was Right

More toy nerd Christmas fun. My present from Rish Outfield this Christmas. So cool, and I didn’t have to buy the whole 3-pack to get it.

Rish used to have a bumper sticker that said "Magneto Was Right." One time, when we had gotten together to podcast, we were getting into his car, when a woman stopped us and asked, "Who is Magento?" She couldn't have been less interested when we told her it was a comic book character.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Finished Reiterating Christmas

On the day after Christmas, I got in 882 words, and finished up my Christmas story for the year. It runs 8230, including those two special final words.

Strike Me Down, And Your Journey To The Dark Side Will Be Complete!

Since I post all my toy nerd stuff on here, this is my Christmas present from my son. Didn’t notice Panthro back there photo bombing the emperor’s selfie.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

What You Deserve For Christmas

Giving you all what you deserve this Christmas, if not when you deserve it (which was a few weeks ago) here is Rish Outfield's Christmas story called "What You Deserve" Enjoy it, and have a great Christmas Day.

The Christmas Creature, Part 2

Where Rish lives at least, it's still Christmas Eve, so this totally counts as on time. Here's part 2 of "The Christmas Creature", just under the wire for you.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Writing Update Again

Put some more work in on my Christmas story today, another 1051 words. Nearing completion. I forgot to write yesterday, but in my defense, I recorded two podcasts, watched a Star Wars movie, and picked my son up from the airport and had a lovely evening at home with all my kids together under our roof for the first time in a year, so i think it’s understandable that it slipped my mind. I wasn’t just sitting on the couch watching football all day...just some of the day.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Beyond The Wall

Silver Lining

It’s hard to find a silver lining in most clouds, especially when the cloud I’m referring to is the death of my father, but at the very least, I got to be in town with Rish Outfield and hang out with him for the second time this year. Sadly, neither of us was prepared with a recorder to get a podcast episode out of our proximity. I did have a phone for this picture though.

Writing Update

Went just over a week without writing, but I couldn’t let it continue. I’m back to my routine, so I’m getting back to writing as well. Today, I got in 1113 words, and I am 3926 words into this year’s Christmas story that we chose the prompt for on yesterday’s episode. Hopefully I’ll manage to keep this story under 14000 words so that it won’t necessitate a 2 part episode next December.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Christmas Creature, Part 1

Part one of my Christmas story is now up on the Dunesteef. Go check it out. Part two is coming soon, then a story by Rish as well. It's a Christmas bounty not seen since Good King Wenceslas looked out on the feast of Stephen.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

My Hero, Gone Too Soon

My dad passed away today. He was 82 years old, and my biggest hero in life. I’m going to miss him so much.

This picture was the last time I saw him, back this past summer when we went home to visit.

Friday, December 6, 2019


Is There A Problem Here?

They did a big gingerbread event at work where several people made some cool Houston space related gingerbread creations. Once they were done, they left the houses to sit in the office until the segment finally aired. They sat back there, smelling really good for about two weeks. Luckily, my desk wasn't close to the table they sat on. One time, I went over to the person whose desk was right next to the gingerbread creations, and I had to comment that I didn't know how she could do it. It smelled like a bakery over there.

There were some pretty cool creations, like this gingerbread rocket:

Or this space shuttle, burning its way toward that planet on a board covered in black icing:

Those are really cool. There were a few other things as well...another space shuttle, and a few houses too. They sat for a long time, and finally, the segment aired on TV, and it was okay to dispose of the evidence. In the case of gingerbread, that means putting it out and giving the staff the green light to eat them. They took them over to the break room, and left them out for consumption.

Most of them made it intact, except for this one:

Yup, I gotta say it, "Houston, we have a problem."

The wings did not transport very well.

I couldn't help myself. I had to say that this shuttle must have been named Columbia. There must have been a loose tile, and now the gingerbread shuttle has burned up on re-entry.

Hmmm, is that tasteless to say? You can't say that it's too soon, for sure, but is it tasteless still? Is it like those jokes the other kids and I told in sixth grade about the Christa McAuliffe? I think I'm probably safe considering it's been sixteen years, but still...it probably tasted good.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Thanksgiving Week

Was the week that includes a holiday that is synonymous with gluttony and overindulgence the week of doom for me as you might expect? Or was I able to keep it together, keep on the right track, stick exclusively to the turkey, and make some progress on my journey to one-derland? Watch and see, folks.

Monday, December 2, 2019

My Christmas Tree

A Full Month In The Can

A few weeks ago, I announced to the world...or at least the few members of the world who come to this blog and read my stuff...that I was going to make a big push to write every day, and I made a goal to write 300,000 words in my 46th year of life here on God's green earth.

If you read that announcement, and were suspicious that I had already given up because of the fact that I have been completely silent about it since then, this post can put your worries to rest. I'm touched at how worried you were, really, but it turns out that I wasn't pulling my usual routine of promising big and then fading into the bushes a la Homer Simpson.

No, in fact, I wrote a lot this month. I didn't do any NaNoWriMo level work or anything like that, but I got a good start. In the 30 days that make up November, I managed to get some writing in on 23 of those days.

Of course, that means that I scored a zero words on seven days in November, which isn't great, but it was almost never through actual laziness on my part. Most of the no-word days came on the weekend, when I was doing things different from my usual routine. I've been taking time during my lunch break at work to write, but when I don't go to work, I seem pretty inclined to forget. One of those days was also Thanksgving...not because I felt like I deserved a holiday from writing, but again because I wasn't at work and didn't have a lunch break.

Here's my report card from November:

So, my total for the month was 11,545 words. All of those words were written on Book 2 of the Sunny & Gray saga. I mentioned in that last post that I had already started writing starting the day after my birthday, and did a few thousand words in October. So, here's my year to date report card:

Altogether so far, I'm just under 15,000 words. So, here's my picometer so far:

New progress meter.
14949 / 300000 (4.98%)

Four percent is not that amazing of an output, but I'm not very discouraged at all. It was a pretty good start. I wanted to use November as a month to get the ball rolling, start developing habits, that kind of thing. December is going to be even better.

How so, you ask? Well thanks for asking. Let me tell you. My goal for December is to hit 500 words every single day. In November, I missed writing seven days out of thirty, but I am more concerned about those seven days when I wrote, but didn't even manage to get over 400 words. Those were the days that I actually was being lazy. I was letting my whininess win. I didn't really feel like writing, so I did the bare minimum to say that I did. I'll never make 300,000 if I keep doing that.

So, now I'm not allowed to say that I did the bare minimum unless I've made it over 500 words. That's the least I can do, as the saying goes. I started with it yesterday, the first. I wrote 640 words. If I hadn't put the minimum allowance on there, I would have quit at 350, because that's where I was when I started to feel like I should quit. 350 words is just not enough. A lot of writing is getting into the flow of it, but you can't really get into the flow if you're just phoning it in.

So, it's 500 words a day in December, and then, come January, I'll probably up it to 1,000. But let's see how I manage December before I go talking about that.

My words this month will be split between Sunny & Gray and a new Christmas story based on the premise that one of our podcast listeners suggested. I think tonight Rish and I will look through our options, and decide on the winner, then I'll put on my thinking cap, and see what I can come up with. My story from last year, The Christmas Creature, was about 15,000 words long, so we'll see what happens this time.

Oh, and you can look forward to The Christmas Creature hitting the podcast later this month. I hope you like it.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Little Caesars Ghost In Audio

New story by me up on the Dunesteef podcast. Check it out and let me know what you thought and what I could do to improve as a writer. I've been writing (mostly) every day for the last month, and I am eager to continue to improve.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.

Oh, and just a suggestion, don't overdo it too much. You don't want to end up like me. This memory came up on Facebook for me the other day, and I looked at it and thought:

Oh, and if you wound up with diabetes like me, get on the either the Ketogenic Diet or better yet the Carnivore Diet, and turn your health back around.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

TGMG About...Books?

The newest episode of That Gets My Goat just hit the airwaves, and by airwaves I mean the internet where you can download and play the file yourself because TGMG will never be on any airwaves. It's an old one that Rish and I recorded way back before I moved to Texas. Check it out if you're masochistic. I'll just say there's a reason we didn't use it originally. Sorry about the poor audio quality and also the sort of boring subject matter.

Week 26

Little late with this update, sorry, but better late than never. Here's how week 26 went:

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Week 25

Did this week go better than week 24 did? Check out the video and see.

Christmas Story Prompt

Hey, folks, Rish and I have a request for you. Each year, the two of us have been trying to write Christmas related stories during the month of December. Our stories that we wrote last year will be appearing this December as our holiday episodes of the show.

December is fast approaching, and we thought it would be fun to ask our listeners for a writing prompt for our stories this year. So, if you're interested, toss us an idea, and we'll look at them all and pick one to base our stories on. Make it simple and open-ended, something that could be taken anywhere. Like our prompts from our old Broken Mirror Story Evens.

We'd really love to see what you've got!