Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Anklecast 42: There Goes My Life

Rish Outfield has been bugging me to do an episode in which I talk about the emotional toll that it takes on a parent to have their child go off to college and essentially leave the family for good to start their own life and possibly their own family one day. Well, I resisted the peer pressure as long as I could, but when he called me a poopoo head, it was more than I could bear, so I caved in and made the episode. Here is the result, what is probably a far too intimate glimpse into my life. Hope you like what you see...

Watch the video or listen to the audio above. Or to download the audio of the podcast, right click here, and save the file to your hard drive.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Dunesteef Episode 202: Creeping Danger by Carl H. Claudy

I forgot to post here about this back when I first published it. I swore that I was going to start doing that, but I keep forgetting. Anyhow, we did a new episode:

Head over to and check it out if you still haven't and you actually want to. Thanks, folks!

Tide Pods II

It's the sequel, which is always worse, and much less original.

I was at the dollar store today, and I saw these right by the checkout line.

Looks like candy, right? It'd be nice to get a nice bag of Airheads at the last minute. With all the worthless dollar store crap you put in your cart, you forgot to grab some kind of treat. But wait, look a little closer.

That's not candy, that's a bag of bath bombs.

It's bath bombs inspired by the scent of candy...that's a great idea, right? It would smell so good. And we probably ought to package it in a way that makes it look exactly like candy too, so that nobody could tell the difference.

Because we haven't had any problems with kids having trouble telling the difference between toxic soap products and candy.

Oh wait, little kids have needed to head to the emergency room because of confusing Tide Pods with well as stupid teenagers who have taken the Tide Pod challenge on YouTube too. After all that, Airheads thought it was a good idea to make candy bath bombs? I guess it takes a long time for stuff to trickle down and permeate society enough that we will all realize that this is not a good idea, and automatically steer clear of it.

It's like that Jack In The Box commercial making the rounds these days:

Thursday, October 11, 2018

More Halloween Decorations

A few weeks ago I posted about adding a few toys to my bookshelves, along with a ton of lights and spiderwebs, to decorate for the Halloween season.

Now, I'm totally all in the mood and stuff. So, when I was at Walgreens today, and I noticed that Imaginext has some figures that would make good Halloween decorations, I was immediately interested.

I used to collect Imaginext figures with my son a few years ago. A local grocery store had stocked them in as seasonal stocking stuffer type items for Christmastime. Then, when they didn't sell, they put them up for half off on clearance. Then when they still didn't sell, they went down to 75% off. We scooped a bunch of them up, and then started buying them more and more often, until we'd pretty much collected all of the ones that were even remotely good.

I even got a few of them for my own collection, so we had two of a few of the figures in our household. Anyway, after all of that experience, I kind of have a soft spot for these figures, even if I know they are very much for kids. They're cute and little and silly, but then again, all sorts of people collect those Funko Pop figures, and they're nothing other than adorable...except for the ones that have the creepy lifeless eyes...wait that's all of them isn't it? Maybe I should start collecting those for putting up at Halloween.

Anyway, I picked up some of the Imaginext guys to give to my son if he's ever inclined to be a good boy. But I also got some for myself. They have this cool Yeti guy:

Is he Halloween enough? Maybe not. Maybe I should save him for Christmas...but he is a monster. So, I'm standing by that decision.

I had to go to a second Walgreens, that was basically just down the street, to find the one that I really wanted. Behold, the grim reaper guy:

When I saw the reaper's face, I realized that I had another Imaginext guy that I needed to add to my display from before when my son and I were buying them up. I'd gotten myself the Dia de los Muertos mariachi guy. It took me forever to find the little thing in my box in the closet, but I was able to add him into the display as well:

I wonder what else I could add in for some more spooky Halloween fun. At the very least, when Halloween passes us by, I'll be heading out to get some stuff on the big All Saints Day blowout sales.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


I think these kinds of things are popping up everywhere, but they definitely have them all over the place in Houston. It's a specially designated parking spot for a certain category of people. I suppose they are an extension of the usual handicapped parking spots, but they definitely aren't handicapped spots. Like my local Kroger that has spots reserved for expectant mothers. Or this one that I saw at the H-E-B the other day:

It was a big empty spot right near the front reserved for "customer with child parking".

It was a Thursday at 9:15 AM. All the kids were at school, right? There probably wasn't anyone coming to claim that spot...and it was just sitting there being wasted by not being used...and I'm pretty sure there's no way they can even punish me for parking there, because there's no law--they can't give me a ticket--it's just their own little thing they're doing on their own...and besides, I have a child, hell I have four children, so this parking spot is for me, right? I mean, okay, they're not with me right now, but, like, on a government form I could check the box that is marked "customer with child" if there was to be such a form--maybe a census form or, technically...

In the end, I wussed out and parked way down at the end of the line. I'm sure that even if I did have my six-year-old in tow on this morning, I'm still probably not what they meant.

Sunday, October 7, 2018


I had to make this update to my last post, because it's starting to look like a fungal invasion. Found this bit of fungus in my refrigerator's fruit drawer!

If you're anything like my wife, you're probably retching right now--dry heaving violently. To that I say I'm sorry. I never was able to pass up on a joke, no matter how stupid or inappropriate it might be. It's probably one of the main reasons that my biggest achievements in life come from The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine, and not from the actual career that I spend eight hours a day at week in and week out.


I've never lived anywhere wet enough to have much in the way of mushrooms before. So, when I see things like this I'm amazed.

These mushrooms are growing in the garden boxes that our tomato plants had occupied for most of the year. The tomato plants had sucked. They'd grown huge, but given no tomatoes, so were not sad to see them replaced or anything. Look at these freaky, alien-looking things though!

I wonder if they're edible. I'll never try them, but it makes me wonder. Are they nutritious? Are they psychedelic? Are they deadly? I'll never know, because I'm not stupid enough to put my life on the line and ingest any of them.

We also have these ones growing down in the corner next to a different set of garden boxes.

They look like seashells to me.

Here in the Houston humidity, we're always getting tons of mushrooms. We had a whole bunch on our front lawn last week. They grew big, and then a bunch of hairy fibers grew off of them. When I saw the alien, yellow-green mushrooms from above and took pictures of them, I thought I'd get pictures of the ones on the lawn to include in the post, but they had all disappeared overnight. Maybe I'll do a follow-up post at some point or something.

Anybody else get weird mushrooms? Out west, in the desert, mushrooms are as rare as intelligent banter on the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine, so I've almost never seen them. Almost any mushrooms would amaze me.