Saturday, August 18, 2018

No So Good

I was at Torchy's Tacos this past weekend, and they have this slogan that their tacos are "damn good". They sell shirts with little cherubic demons flying around the slogan at the register.

They have the slogan all over the place, including picked out in big light bulbs on the wall. While I was eating, I thought that this would be a perfect thing that I could update my profile picture with. It would be like that time when Rish had a picture like this:

And I had a picture like this:

It could be a new one in the series. So, I turned on the selfie cam on my phone, which I rarely use because I'm not a millennial, and tried to frame up a shot. It would be obvious to most that I rarely use the camera like this, because I stood there for way, way too long trying to get the words right above my head. At last I figured I had it and took this shot:

I guess it might be ironic...though I can't be sure, because Alannis ruined that concept in my brain...but I guess I'm definitely not damn good.

But damn that goo!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


I took my son who is about to move off to college with me this weekend to the Johnson Space Center in an attempt to hurry up and make some memories that will make him remember me fondly instead of how he will probably remember me.

While we were there, we were looking at the space shuttle exhibit.

And I noticed this picture of the astronauts lost in the Challenger explosion from sixth grade.

If you notice the text next to the picture, when it talks about Christa McAuliffe it says that she would have been the first teacher in space. For some reason that line stirred up the curmudgeon in me, and I couldn't help but say, "really? We're really going to go that far with the qualifiers?"

With space travel, there's bound to be a lot of firsts. Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space, but then there was Alan Shepard the first American in space. Then we further qualify it with Valentina Tereshkova's trip to space as the first woman in space. Furthermore there was Sally Ride who was the first American woman in space. And on and on it goes. We get Christa McAuliffe who, certainly I'm not going to deny her bravery or pioneering spirit, but saying that she's the first teacher in space is kind of ridiculous, right?

How far does it go? If Lance Bass ever gets to space, will he be the "first former member of 'N Sync in space"? Or if I one day get there, will I be "the first overweight California native Scorpio living in Texas with four kids in space"? You gotta give it a rest eventually.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Oldschool Tech

I was looking through some boxes today, and I came across some old stuff. My kids couldn't remember ever having come in contact with these things before. They'd never actually touched them with their hands, though they have seen them on the wall behind glass...

I told them they were very old analog smart phones. The good thing is that their battery lasts a very long time, and they're really slim in their design. The problem is that their memory is pretty low. They can only handle one jpeg per smart phone, so you have to buy a lot of them. Luckily, they were much more affordable than the new smart phones they have these days.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Kids Eat WHAT Free?

Saw this ad on the table at the barbecue joint we ate at today. Kids eat free!

But when I looked at the fine print, I saw that it said that the promotion excludes alcohol and kids menu items. Wait, what? Did I read that correctly? Did they feel it was necessary to tell us that we can't get free alcohol for the kids? And how do you exclude kids menu items from the promotion for kids eating free? And...alcohol? Really?

On second look, I think what they're trying to say is that you have to spend ten dollars to get a free kids meal, but you can't buy alcohol or kids meals to get to the ten dollar amount. You have to buy an adult meal that costs ten least that's what I think they mean, but maybe I was right in the first place, and they're trying to keep people from hoping to get free booze by saying its for their, no, no, not for me! The little guy's gonna drink it. I'll put it in his bottle.

Hanging With Clay

It's always neat to meet someone in the flesh that I'd only known by way of the podcast before. Clay Dugger was one of our early adopting fans. He's done voices for us, been a first reader for our slushpile, edited stories for us, and even written stories for us...and probably more besides that.

He lives in Texas, but not in Houston, and even though I've been here a year, today was the first chance we got to meet in real life because he was here in town for a scrapbooking convention with his wife.

He introduced me to The Waffle House, which seems to be a pretty popular restaurant around these parts, though Clay bemoans the fact that there aren't more of them near his house. I think they're more plentiful in east Texas than they are in West Texas. It's good food, but I don't think I can eat it too often if I want to keep making headway on leaving my fatness behind.

Thanks for a good time, Clay. Y'all come again, ya hear?

This experience makes me wonder, would folks be interested in meeting Big Anklevich at some kind of convention or something? Are there fans in Texas that would show up? I'm guessing that there might be one more other than Clay, maybe two, but probably not more than that. But if there are some out there, comment and let me know. Maybe we could get together somehow. I think I missed my chance to go to ArmadilloCon, which somebody suggested to me, but there's gotta be others, right?

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Refrigerator Magnets

I don't know why I post stuff like this, but it made me chuckle.

Apparently, my kids didn't like looking at the broken metal Whirlpool logo on our fridge, so they fixed it with our magnet letters.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Toys 3

I gotta stop going places that include toys for sale, because they keep getting me. Today I was out with my son at Walmart, and he wanted to look at the toys. He got himself some little Pokemon thing that didn't interest me in the slightest, but while I was there, I noticed that they had a Grimlock Transformer for sale. I probably shouldn't have got it, but I did anyway.

I brought it home, and put it on my shelf. I don't really have enough room for all my toys on my shelf anymore, because I've bought too many. So, I had to remove a Jetfire Transformer that I'd recently bought to put Grimlock in its place.

I always keep my Transformers in robot mode, because I like them better that way. Otherwise, they could just be any old car or plane toy, right? However, with Grimlock I thought I might actually leave him transformed into the dinosaur mode, because that generally looks pretty cool.

But after I tried it, I was unimpressed. It didn't look all that cool after all. I transformed it back. Then, as I was about to go put Jetfire into my big tub full of my excess toys, I realized that I could adjust the books on the shelf around a little to make enough room that they could both be there. They were both Autobots, right?

I checked with Rish, my resident Transformers expert, as to whether this looked good. I remembered Jetfire being a really big Transformer back in the day, like bigger than Optimus Prime big. But then again, wasn't Grimlock supposed to be big? He was always the biggest of the Dinobots, despite the fact that they had a frigging Brontosaurus! In the end, I decided that I didn't care if their relative sizes might be a little off.

Then I remembered that I had one more Transformer in my toy tub just gathering dust, waiting for an opportunity to fit perfectly into a display like this one. I pulled out my tiny little Bumblebee, and placed it on there, and I think it looks perfect.

What happened to my blog? It's turned into a parade of photos of the toys on my bookshelves. I'm going to have to come up with something new to put on here. Maybe I should start posting writing memes again...maybe I should start writing again...