Sunday, May 22, 2011

Women's 5K

So, I ran my 5K this Saturday. I mentioned the whole Women's 5K thing, well it turned out they were just messing with me. There wasn't even a 10K option. It was 5K or nothing.

I wasn't expecting much from this race. I knew, even though it was a small race to begin with, that I wouldn't be placing. My goal was to run the whole time, without taking any rest walking.

Did I manage?

I am proud to say that I succeeded. I ran the entire time. I came in 9th place out of perhaps nine men, but I ran the whole time. Maybe there's hope for me yet.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Real Encouraging

My sister works at a charter school, and they are doing a 5k run for a fundraiser. So, as part of my general fitness push, my goal has been to run in this 5k race. And I'm not talking just be in the 5k race but walk it most of the way, I mean run the race.

The deadline for pre-registering for the race was today, so I got onto the website and entered my info. Then I went to the bottom to select the race I was registering for. I had my choice between the 5k and the 10k. Now, I know I'm not ready to run a 10k yet. But here's how they had the choices listed for me:
  • Men's 10k
  • Women's 5k
Just what I needed, an unintended dig at how I still don't measure up. Not a real man yet, I can only run in the women's race after all.

You know what, I'm man enough to wear pink if I want to, and I signed up for the women's race. I checked with my brother-in-law who is also running the race and he said that he's doing the 5k as well. We may be the only men out there, who knows, but we'll be emasculated and proud together.