Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Picture Of The Day

It snowed last night. I got this picture of the tree in my front yard this morning. I kind of like how it turned out.

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Cat Carol

I may never be able to regain Rish's respect after admitting to this, but I like this Christmas song about a kind and gentle cat...

You just made that story up, there ain't no cat like that.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Want To Meet Rish And Big?

I know, I know. I wouldn't want to meet us either.

But let's just say that you had a mental disorder, and found Rish and Big's inane chatter charming and entertaining. Then you might want to meet them, and maybe hang out with them for a while.

Well, if you live in the Las Vegas area, or are attending the New Media Expo that will be held there, you finally have your chance.

A few weeks ago, Abbie Hilton contacted us, and invited us to be a part of a panel discussion that she was getting together for the NMX. If you don't know it, the New Media Expo (or NMX), is a conference for folks who create online content; bloggers, podcasters, video bloggers (is that what you call someone with a Youtube channel?), and the like. It's all about how to create, disseminate, and monetize that content.

And so, since we are content creators, they are having us on a panel discussion at their con. We're pretty excited to go, and we hope to be able to meet face to face with as many people that we've met online as possible.

The new media expo is from January 6-8, 2013. I believe that Rish and I will be involved in two panels on Tuesday the 8th.

Nothing's set for this yet, but I'd like there to be some sort of Dunesteef get-together at a local restaurant or something on Sunday or Monday . . . or maybe even Tuesday. We'll let you know about that when it gets closer, and we actually get plans firmed up.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Podcastle Christmas

For those of you who look back wistfully at the days of late December 2010, when Rish Outfield read a Christmas story written by Tim Pratt and Heather Shaw for Podcastle, never fear. The Dunesteef will be reunited with Tim Pratt, Heather Shaw, and Podcastle again!

I just finished recording Tim and Heather's story for this year. While my performance won't likely stack up to Rish's lisping six-year-old that everyone loved so much, hopefully, I'll bring something new and interesting to a story that, since it was written by Tim Pratt and Heather Shaw, doesn't really need any help from me.

So, I guess, if listening to my reading is better than just plain reading it yourself, it'll be a Christmas miracle, right?

Luckily, it's a Podcastle original, so it's not available to read anywhere else yet. My reading will be all that you get.

Now, in an attempt to restore your holiday cheer, here's a picture of me dressed as Santa for my daughter's pre-school Christmas party in 2006

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just Messing Around

I was messing around with my camera last night, trying to get the best shot of my Christmas tree all lit up in the dark living room. Which shot do you like best?

Number 1:

Number 2:

or number 3:

I think my favorite is the last one. I know that filmmakers are always trying to shoot in the golden hour of sunset so that they can get that beautiful amber color to the light. But, for some reason, I prefer the lights when they're white. The last picture is more true to reality, so maybe that's why I like it. I don't know.

Sad thing is, I cycled through all the different modes for shooting night pictures that the camera had, and the picture I like the most was just taken with the auto mode.

Anyway, I'll stop wasting your time.