Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What's Update

So, after whining extensively the other day on here, I made that goal to write for a half hour each day. Small bites, and eventually you eat the whole elephant, right?

Just as an update to everyone who commented and offered advice, I did manage to write for a half hour today. 520 words worth.

I think I need to be careful with this story though, or it may end up like other ones that I jumped into without preparting enough for. So tomorrow, I will write on the character profiles, before going any further.

I'm going to try using Abbie's "Not allowed to..." method, forbidding myself from logging into my email, Facebook, AIM, Twitter, etc., until after I've written my half hour. We'll see how my resolve works on that.

Thanks to all for your comments.


  1. Thats a great goal!
    I know how hard it can be to get to the writing. the more preasure I feel to write the more I procrasinate, than the guilt sets in. I understand the spiral downward.
    you and rish are doing a great thing with your podcast though. being a girl forgive the following girl analogy. the writers are bithing the stories, yes, you and rish are the midwives. some of those stories would have not been heard,but for you two. I definately think that is wortwhile.
    Plus you have entertained me, and that right there makes any effort worth it! :)


  2. Every little bit helps. I know setting myself a daily writing goal has kept me closer to the straight and narrow (although sometimes only in terms of meeting the writing goal.)

    I've never found plotting and planning to be helpful, since I change it around anyway when I write, but if it's what you need, go to it. Just beware the trap of "I need more planning." Innumerable projects have smothered to death under piles of preliminaries.

  3. That explains why you weren't on friggin' AIM when I needed you today. Grrrrr.