Sunday, May 22, 2011

Women's 5K

So, I ran my 5K this Saturday. I mentioned the whole Women's 5K thing, well it turned out they were just messing with me. There wasn't even a 10K option. It was 5K or nothing.

I wasn't expecting much from this race. I knew, even though it was a small race to begin with, that I wouldn't be placing. My goal was to run the whole time, without taking any rest walking.

Did I manage?

I am proud to say that I succeeded. I ran the entire time. I came in 9th place out of perhaps nine men, but I ran the whole time. Maybe there's hope for me yet.


  1. You well know I couldn't have accomplished this feat. But you also know that I wouldn't even try. Good work.

    Now write a smegging story.

  2. Hi Big, I only just came across this blog post. Really - well done on running the full 5k. It truly is a fantastic achievement to make yourself get round the whole distance without stopping. Next year, try the men's 10k, although it is twice as far, it only involves about an hour's running, give or take. You really can do it - I know this because I can and I'm a pain-avoiding wimp.