Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 14 & 15

Last night, I was moments from sleep, when suddenly my eyes popped open in alarm. I'd just realized that I'd forgotten to write my 500 words. Crap!

Well, as important as my goal is, I was moments from sleep, and I was going to go ahead and stay in bed. I could make up for it in the morning.

And so I did. I did my writing for both days today, working on the characters for my next story, "Sepia Tone Prison." I'm excited, because I think I'm ready to get started now. I know enough about my characters, and the plot that they will follow, to start writing it.

So, tomorrow, I will start into the actual words of the story. That's the fun part, so, I can't wait.


  1. Your stick-to-it-iveness is inspiring. How exciting to be getting down to brass tacks! Have you always had such amazing willpower?

  2. Mindy, I have never had amazing willpower. I still don't even now.

    I could simply see that I had enough willpower to go a whole month without consuming sugar if I wanted to, which surely meant I could do other things that I've long whined about feeling unable.

    Turns out that I am in fact able. So are you. Just go for it, whatever it is. Turning your life around always starts with the first step, right?

    Wow, I sound like some kind of douchebag inspirational speaker guy, don't I?

  3. A bit, but no worries. ;) You're in good company (for being inspirational, not some kind of douchebag...). Right about the time you started reporting your 500 words/day, I listened to Neil Gaiman liken writing to building a dry stone wall on an old episode of the Nerdist Podcast. Now, the two events are tangled in my mind.