Thursday, August 30, 2012

Can It Be?

This is a picture of me in 1998.

It was the year I got married, which I kind of mark as the beginning of my downward spiral into fatness. My wife's cooking is amazing for one, and I guess I figured I had a woman, so I didn't need to try so hard anymore.

I don't really know what I weighed then, but my guess is between 220 and 235. As an experiment, I've shown this picture to many people over the last week, asking them if I am skinnier now or if I was still skinnier then.

Everybody says it's hard to gauge, and they can't say so for sure, and they're probably just being nice really, but they have pretty much all said that I am as skinny as or skinnier than I was then.

Can it be? It's pretty exciting. My weight is 233 right now, which puts me right in the range. So, I suppose it could be true. I've managed to take off the 60 pounds I gained after getting married.

Only, I'm not done yet. I still have a lot of gut to go. I need to get to about 200 pounds or so. That's been my goal all along. So, this post isn't George W. on the aircraft carrier saying mission accomplished (which of course wasn't true anyway). It's just an interesting fact, and a mile post on my unfinished journey.


  1. You look like such a tool in that picture.

    I knew you in those days, and I know you you weren't one, but still . . .