Monday, April 15, 2013

The First 100 Miles

Earlier this year, in a fit of insanity probably, I pledged to run a marathon. My sister pledged to do it with me, but talked me down off the ledge when it came to when we would do it. I wanted to run it in June (mostly because I'd seen a billboard for a marathon close by that would be really handy for us). She suggested that instead we run a half marathon in June and a marathon in September, giving us sufficient time to train and prepare.

I took her advice, and so we are training. As part of my training, I pledged to run 500 miles during the year. It seemed like a good goal, and one that I could achieve as long as I stuck to my training regimen.

Last Saturday, I reached the first of my milestones along the way. I made it to 100 miles. As part of my training, I've been taking my camera along, and grabbing a video of myself running each and every day. I put them together in a big video to celebrate my achievement. And here it is, hope you enjoy:


  1. Congratulations, from one of your internet stalkers! That was a surprisingly enjoyable video considering it was just a bunch of running; no wonder you get pestered to help edit videos. Oh, and I hope your legs have been feeling better since the last Anklecast? You didn't seem to be limping at the end of the 5 mile run, thankfully.

  2. That was so awesome and inspiring! Great job!