Monday, January 27, 2014

Anklecast 17: The Tomorrow Bowl

It's a special episode of The Anklecast. This time around I'm presenting a story I wrote. It's a special treat for Super Bowl week. Hope you all enjoy it.

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  1. Hey man! Great stuff here, I really liked the story. I like small stories like this. Not everyone is going to have to save the world after a nuclear apocalypse. Thanks for putting this out there. Lookedffor it on smash words but not there. Let us know when you put it up and ill be happy to pay for the hard copy (so to speak)

  2. Hey Big, Cool story, I sort of expected some big catastrophe to ruin the game, but I actually liked it that the main conflict in the story was just a weird field ruling. Made it more like an actual football game and less an epic story (which I feel is the focus more these days in writing, not always a good thing).

  3. Thanks, guys. Josh, I will do my best to get it up on Smashwords. Rish keeps bugging me about doing that, and I keep finding other things to do, but I need to do it. It's right along there with all the other stuff Scott Sigler told us we need to do.

  4. Yes, I'm no fan of football, but a great, great many out there are. People go nuts about it, eating, breathing, and peeing the NFL or college teams. Judging by how many watch the Super Bowl every year, there's way more football fans in America than people like me.

    With them in mind, I think you could expand on this story, give a bit more from the NFL Films "History of the Rebirth of the NFL" movie, and go into the coach's head a little bit, in his discovery of just how big a deal football once was, and how he feels to see over a thousand fans in the stands on that day. Stir the emotions a little more, putting in what football means to you too, and imagining (if I got my wish, and) it was completely lost and forgotten, at least for a time. How much did he sacrifice to bring it back? How much of an uphill struggle had it been? And when times were hard, why didn't he give up and just play Irradiated Human Skullball, which had been the popular sport for the last decades?

    Heck, even as the story stands, there are people who would respond to it, emotionally eating it up, if they only had the chance to read it. Or, since I can't leave without one more jab, it's more likely they'd have to get someone in their family who is able, to read it for them.

  5. Who was it that hurt you so bad? Come here, Rish, let me give you a hug...