Monday, January 30, 2017

Anklecast 32: Bumps In The Night Responses

Back in September (only two episodes ago), I published one of my stories that probably never should have seen the light of day, and asked the listeners to send me their ideas about what was missing, what was needed to make the story worthwhile. I got several responses and was excited about the listeners' participation, and now we have the show in which we get to see what everybody had to say. What was it that was missing? Let's find out.

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Music was "Crossing The Divide." Courtesy of Kevin MacLeod of


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  1. Even before you got to it on the podcast, I was thinking, "Man, we should put out an anthology of monster-in-the-closet stories!" There's a hundred ways you can go with that premise--scary, funny, sad, adventurous, sexy, child-friendly, inspiring, poetic, etc.--and I think it would be fun to read a collection of similarly-themed closet monster tales. I got one or two already we could put in there.

    Good luck with writing in February!