Monday, May 22, 2017

Big Anklevich A TV Movie Reviewer?

I have been slowly cleaning out my desk over the last little while, and I came across a tape today of a news package I did when I was hoping to somehow get a gig at my station as the local movie reviewer. It took me years before I ever got enough courage to approach my news director about the idea. She was supportive, but in the end, nothing ever came of it. Aw well, no big surprise there, I suppose.

For fun, though, I figured I'd share with y'all my attempt at a movie review for TV news. This was my example, my review of Batman Begin.

I did that package about two years before we ever started the Dunesteef. I was pretty raw back in those days. I think I've learned a lot about being on a mic since those days, and I'm willing to give a money back guarantee that I'd be better at it these days than I was then. Maybe my station in Houston will have a desperate need for content and give me a chance to try it there, who knows.

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  1. I like the low key and personal, let the movie do the work.