Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Continuing Saga of the Deluge

I have heard a certain grumpy announcer-type guy refer to summer thunder storms as thunder bumpers. No idea where the bumper part comes from, but ever since Comic-Con ended, the Mighty Thor has been showing off. At least where I live he has. He must have followed Rish home.

I related with painstaking, long-winded detail the storm that hit my neighborhood on Saturday. Well, my wife was at work on Saturday, and she didn't get to experience it at all, being deep in the bowels of a concrete box seemingly miles in length and width. So, at five o'clock this morning, when the newest thunder bumper started up, she was keen to witness it. I, being a veteran of these crazy storms and being dead asleep, was not so keen.

The storm this morning was not so loud as Saturday's. It must not have been passing straight overhead like the one on Saturday did. So, the thunder was not too loud to sleep through. Also, this morning's storm never progressed past rain and on into hail. So the pounding on the walls was not too loud to sleep through.

The thing that was too loud to sleep through was my wife's constant exclamations as she looked out the window at the lighting on the horizon.

"Wow! I can't believe this! You should get up and come look at this! I can't believe you can sleep through this! It's amazing! Hey, there's somebody running out to their car! Oh, they left their windows open! Everybody is out on their porch watching! How can you stay in bed?"

By the time the storm passed us by, I was good and thoroughly awake. It took about an hour to get back to sleep. But that was okay, my body went ahead and made that hour up by sleeping in an hour later than usual and making me late to work.

There's already another thunder storm pounding us again this afternoon. Since there's been no real damage or danger to myself, I can't really complain (aside from the lack of sleep...oh, and the windows open in my car). Thunder bumpers are pretty dang cool.

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