Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Green Manta

In my continuing attempt to turn my blog into a nature blog, I bring you this:

Okay, I'm not really trying to turn this into a nature blog, but you have to admit that preying mantises are cool (ugh, mantis isn't one of those words that is pluralized in the Latin like Octopus and Octopi or something is it? I hope not, because that stuff is interminably ugly, and would make mantises less cool just for that).

When I saw this monstrous insect this morning, I immediately grabbed my camera and snapped about ten photos of it. Unfortunately, the thing was just too small, and my camera couldn't manage to focus on it correctly, so there's one picture.

But, right next to the big mantis was a smaller one, probably 1/4 the size of the big one. I took a picture of it, which is even worse for focus. Oh well, I'll include it all the same.

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