Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holiday Competition

The wife and I are doing a sort of competition during the holidays. It's one of those stop being fat things. No sugar for the months of November and December with free days on Thanksgiving and Christmas...and perhaps New Years Eve or Christmas Eve, we haven't really decided on those yet. The idea, of course, is to avoid all those sweets that are brought into the office or wherever during the holiday season.

We only started on Monday, and I've already had to turn down pumpkin pie, apple pie, leftover Halloween candy, root beer floats, ice cream cake, and traditional chocolate cake. I guess it's good that we started when we did or there'd be thousands of calories from sweets already in my system.

The competition part is that whoever gives in and indulges in sweets on days that aren't free must do the chore of the other person's choice. My wife has already indicated that scrubbing the toilet will probably be chore number one for me. Not that I'm too good to do such a chore, but if I can get out of it (and benefit my body in the process) then why wouldn't I?

I guess we'll see how it goes.


  1. You'll never lose the weight. Never! NEVER!

    (end old woman voice)

  2. Ignore that Harpie...
    Go, Go Big Anklevich! You got this :)