Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fitness Challenge Update #9

I missed my update last week folks, sorry about that. I just spaced it.

Last week was a hard week, what with my son's birthday and Mother's Day all in the same week. I didn't lose any weight. In fact I think I gained a pound.

This week, however, went better. I tried really hard to stick to my good eating. For a while I've been hovering very close to 250 lbs., and I've been so desperate to finally dip beneath that mark. On Friday, at last, I did it. Saturday, I was still below. Sunday as well, and my final weigh-in for this week on Monday, I was still at 249. Huzzah!

So, my weight loss continues okay. There's only a week and a half left of the contest. The last weigh-in is on Friday, June 1st. I really want to make it to 245 before that day arrives, but it's hard to stay motivated. I've managed to take a pretty healthy lead on all the other people in the contest. The guys who used to talk trash with me back when we started, have all given up on trying to catch me. They're all planning for the next round, when we all start at zero again, and maybe this time they'll win.

Without anyone breathing down my neck, I feel complacent, and comfortable enough that I'll cheat on my nutrition more than I should. Losing that last four pounds should be possible, but I'm worried that I'll slack off too much and not make it.

Doesn't really matter in the end, though, because I'm not going back to eating the way I used to. When the contest ends, I think I'll let myself have one big splurge, maybe an all-you-can-eat pizza or something, and then I'll be right back there with my nose to the grindstone, grinding away my nose (what a strange expression, huh? Why would you put your nose on a grindstone?)

As far as my health issue that I've been having goes, it still plagues me. I've been asking around to see if others know a doctor that would be worth seeing. And pretty soon, two months will have passed. That's when the doctor wanted me to re-test that C-Reactive Protein level to see if it's come down or not. Still in a holding pattern as far as that goes. I take two extra-strength Tylenol in the morning and two more at night, and that keeps the pain and exhaustion at bay, but it's not going away. I've tried skipping the Tylenols here and there just to see. It remains. Eventually, something will have to be done about it.

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  1. Hey, Big, I was really glad to hear that your heart x-ray came back normal! That is a great relief.

    Even if you never get a conclusive diagnosis, it's always nice to know that you're not about to die.

    For the pain - if I were you, I would not take Tylenol. It's easy to overdose on Tylenol (hard on the kidneys), and it's not as effective for muscle pain. I would take an NSAID - Advil (ibuprofen)or Aleve (Naproxen). You can still overdose on those (liver), but it's unlikely, especially if you follow the instructions on the bottle...and even if you stray outside them a little. The margin of error with those drugs tends to be larger.

    Other stuff you could try -

    -a vitamin (don't knock it until you've been on a good multivitamin for at least a week)

    -over-the-counter magnesium supplements (some people find these really helpful for muscle pain when they're working out a lot)

    -take however much water you're drinking and double it...and possibly substitute some gator-aid.

    That's all I got.