Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jesca Hoop's New Album Is Out!

For those of you who have begun to share the same passion for her music that I have, her new album is here!

I bought it yesterday, and have listened to it non-stop since. I really like it. It's another great output from her. As with all her other albums, there's so many good songs on it that picking one favorite is hard. I start with one song as my favorite, and then a few weeks later, realize that another one has taken that songs place as my new favorite. Then, as time passes, another moves in, and so on and so on, until nearly every song on the album has spent time in my mind as my favorite.

You can listen to the whole album, to decide if you would like to support this artist as well. Just follow this link. I hope you enjoy it.

Now I just need her to schedule a show somewhere other than the UK. I'd love to see her perform live.

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