Monday, October 29, 2012


I've been doing this...for lack of a better for the last few weeks. Starting on Oct 10, It's been no sugar, no carbs. I've been very faithful to it, and I lost nine pounds.

But this past weekend, I decided would be my cheat day for October (in November it's going to be Thanksgiving Day, and in December it's going to be Christmas Day). Not sure why, maybe my body was already getting ready for the upcoming cheat, but just before the cheat day, I gained back about four pounds.

Then came my cheat day, which evolved into a cheat weekend, and I gained three more pounds. Now, after a month of no sugar, no carbs, and one weekend of lots-o-sugar, lots-o-carbs, I am basically at square one.

So, I'm here to say folks, don't cheat. It's just not worth it. Cheaters never prosper.

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