Friday, June 6, 2014


Rish put a post about this up on the main Dunesteef blog, but I thought I ought to mention it here too.  I don't always not write it turns out. On occasion I do...write that is.  Proof of that is available on right now.

A few years ago, Rish and I got together and collaborated on a short story.  It's the only time we've done something like that (although we did collaborate on a screenplay--or radio play--called "The Spirit of Christmas" that we used as our Christmas episode one year, but that doesn't count, so don't mention it).  It was quite a difficult process, but we managed to get a finished story out of it in the end, and I think it's a pretty good one.

So, if you've got a Kindle or one of those devices like unto it that can read stories from, both Rish and I would think it was really cool of you if you went over, bought the story, and read it.  You could give us a review too, that would be neat as well.

The story's a really long one, too, so it should be worth your money.  Something like 11,000 words, or, according to Amazon, 52 pages.  That's a novelette, therefore.

Hope you like it.


  1. Please remind me what the rundown is on short story, story, novelette, novel, novella, novelina, novascotia, and supernova, please.

  2. There's actually several different measures out there. I use what the Hugos use as my own measure. Short Story is 7500 or less. Novelette is 7500-17500. Novella is 17500-40000. Novel is 40000 and up. Novascotia is the corporate headquarters of ScotiaBank. And Supernova is 5000 light years and up. Oh, I forgot story...I guess I don't know what a story is.

  3. Hey guys, i bought this a month ago but just got around to reading it. It is really great! I just love the characterizations and the emotional depth of the story. I really don't know who contributed what to the story, although I'm guessing the name "Hughes Johnson" was an almost double entendre by fake Sean Connery!

  4. That's cool. I'm glad you liked it. The funny thing about Hughes Johnson was that his name wasn't a double entendre at all, but a way to sneak in the name of who the story was an homage to. While writing it, we called the story "John Hughes' Last Contact". It was supposed to be a sci-fi story as if told by one of our favorite movie directors, John Hughes. So, the character's name is Hughes Johnson because of John Hughes. I'm sure Fake Sean would have a field day with it though.

    Also, stay tuned if you want to know who contributed what and all that fun background-type information about this story. Your chance to know it all is coming.

    1. Cool, i'm looking forward to it!