Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fireflies - Day Four (Live-Blogging A Story)

Okay, everybody, here's some more story.  Today it was 978 words.  It's the rest of the scene that I started a few days ago.  Overall, the story has reached 4,110 words.  I think it'll be nigh on novella length when I finally finish it.  Which will be fun for everyone, because it will make this event last all the longer.  Anyway, here's the new stuff:

    “Should we call the police or something?” Simi asked, still swatting at the growing balls of light.  They had shifted so that not all of them were growing.  Some were shrinking while others grew, but they all remained insubstantial to touch.
    “What would we say?  There’s balls of light in our bedroom, send someone quick!”
    “I don’t know.  We could lie to them to get them out here, and then show it to them when they arrive or something.”
    “I think you get in trouble for doing that, don’t you?  Isn’t it worse to file a false police report than to just be ignored because you sound crazy?” Oscar said.
    “Ooh, I know.”  Simi dashed back to the nightstand, passing through dozens of glowing white globes.  She snatched her iPhone, and brought it up.  Her flash popped as she snapped a picture.  Then she frowned.  “It looks like crap,” she said, “you can’t really tell what it is.  It’s too dark.”
    “Try the video instead.  That always turns out better in low light,” Oscar suggested.
    She swiped her finger on the screen of her phone a few times, and then it beeped as the video began rolling.  She panned slowly across the room, recording the phenomenon.
    “I don’t know why, but expected it not to show up on video,” she said, “It feels so unreal, like I’m recording a bigfoot sighting or something.”
    “Is that what this is then?” Oscar asked, “Is it some kind of paranormal thing, a...a paranormal...event?”  He was sure there was a better term for it, but it wouldn’t come to him.  “Like an alien abduction or a Loch Ness Monster sighting?  It’s not just in our minds, right?  Because we’re recording it with the phone, so it’s real, right?”
    Simi pressed the stop button, and dropped the phone to her side.  “What if we wake up tomorrow and there’s nothing on the video anymore?”
    “Then I guess we’re crazy.  Or aliens or the C.I.A. is fucking with our minds.  I don’t know, Simi.  I’m not as freaked out as I was when I first saw it, but I’m still pretty freaked out.”
    "What do we do?" She asked, "I mean, we've got to do something, right?"
    "I don't know what we can do.  It's not hurting anything, there's nobody we can call, we can't make it go away least I don't think we can.  I assume that it will go away any minute now, like it did last time."
    Oscar's arms dropped to his side, and he stood there breathing heavy and feeling defeated.  Simi came to him, and nestled into his arms.
    "I guess we just sit here and wait it out?  Wait till it goes away, then?"
    "Okay," he said, and sank to the bed with her.  They scooted over so that their backs were against the headboard, and held each other as they regarded the fireflies warily.
    Unlike the rainbows, however, the fireflies didn't go away quickly.  They stubbornly hung around for more than an hour.
    "Will they ever go away?" Oscar wondered.  "If they don't, that will make it a lot easier to convince the scientists that they were here.  We won't really need the Ghostbusters to help us prove they were really if they never go away."
    Oscar grew tired, Simi nodded off then snapped awake more than once.
    "Help me stay awake, Oscar," She said, "I don't trust these things not to turn evil once I fall asleep."
    "How am I going to do that?" He asked.  "What, you want to play a game of Scrabble or something?"
    She sniffed, "No, I think that would have the opposite effect.  I never liked that game much."
    "I could fondle your private parts," he said, reaching a hand up her nightgown and getting a handful of breast.
    "I don't know if I could do that right now, either.  Being creeped out isn't exactly the right mood for it, you know?"  She didn't push his hand away though.  He didn't know if that was because she was distracted or that she was actually entertaining the idea.  He'd meant it as a joke, because he'd never thought she'd even consider it.  It really was an odd time for it.
    "It'd keep us awake for sure, though, wouldn't it?  I mean who can fall asleep when they're doing that?"
    She didn't say anything, but also didn't swat him away.  Nor did she meet his eyes.  Oscar had a weird feeling that this situation was actually exciting her.  Suddenly, he remembered back in college, how they used to watch a lot of horror movies, and then fucked like bunnies afterwards.  He'd never realized it at the time, but just now it occurred to him that she might be one of those girls who got aroused when she was scared.
    He left his one hand on her breast, and pushed his other hand into her panties.  In no time flat she was screaming in the throes of what was probably the biggest orgasm he could remember her having in months, maybe since before she'd gotten pregnant.
    Just as he pulled his sticky hand away, Trevon started screaming.  Her passion had awoken him.
    "Oh no," she said, pulling her panties back in place and jumping off the bed to grab the baby.
    "Hey, hey, Trevvy, it's okay," she said, pulling him from the bassinet and resting him on her still heaving bosom.
    That's when Oscar noticed that the fireflies were gone.  Had they just disappeared, or had it been somewhere in the middle of their sexual escapade.  He thought he would have noticed, but he couldn't say for sure.
    It was the first time that Oscar started to understand where these apparitions were coming from, but things got much worse before he knew for sure.


I'm afraid this story is becoming too dirty.  It's not a dirty story, but I guess I have a dirty mind these days, so I keep going there.  And now I'm live-blogging this story, so I can't cut it out before anyone sees it.  Is this story too dirty?  I mean, comparatively speaking, probably not, but it's got dirtiness in it.  Am I just being too much of a worry wart?  Are any of you thinking that you'd rather not continue reading this story?

I'm sorry if I have a pretty low threshold for becoming embarrassed by my own writing.  I'm just afraid.  Ignore this.  You can respond to it later, when I have finished the story.  In medias res comments will probably derail my progress.


  1. I'm not having a problem with the tone or events, but one never knows if they them self are normal, right? Seemed like a reasonable choice for them at least.

  2. I was going to suggest that one of them at least try to take a picture of the phenomenon, since it seems like that's what any rational person would do . . . but you went ahead and did it.

    I do have to admit, though, that I keep wanting to ask you questions about the scenes, so you can fill in more detail and motivations . . . despite everything I write ending up too long, apparently.