Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coming Through

I promised and I came through. Last night I wrote for a half an hour, and got the first scene in my new story written. Now I just need to make it a habit. A half an hour a day isn't too much to ask. And more often than not, it'll probably turn into more than a half hour I bet. I managed to get 746 words written. And I think I did a fairly good job at showing rather than telling.


  1. That's fantastic!
    20K is pretty ambitious... Are you hoping to do it in a month?

  2. I want to do it for at least a half hour a day. Yesterday, I got in 750 words. So if I can keep that pace up, I expect I should get it done in a month. We'll see.

    By the way, Liz, I need to send you out my most recent story to be judged and found unworthy. You want to read it?