Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh, The Shame!


I didn't write yesterday, and I feel like a piece of crap for not making it happen. Yesterday was, admittedly, a very difficult day. I never really had even fifteen minutes of spare time. When the day came to a close, I decided that if I didn't get moving on the podcast for this week, it wouldn't get done on time, so I spent the evening doing that, figuring that I'd write just before bed. But then bed time came, and I was tired, and I stumbled off without even giving writing a second thought.

I did, however think a lot about the story yesterday, which was needed. I had written a sort of outline before starting, and then I accidentally deleted it. I feel like I'm getting to the edge of what I can do without an outline. If I go on too much longer, I'll have to go back and rewrite a lot for it to work. There's already one part that I'll have to do that with, and I don't want to have to do it too much more. So, I may spend a day or two on that.

I also managed to sort out the title. I think, instead of calling it Megatron, like I had originally planned, it will now be called "Prime." Yes it comes from the same source, but this new title will allow me to work it in in a way that doesn't completely steal a registered trademark. And it will help me establish a plot point even further. So, from here on out, the story is titled, "Prime."

And I promise to write tonight, even before editing on the show. I will write for a half hour, scout's honor.


  1. Hey, Big. The guilt is a good thing because it means you're getting used to a habit. I started writing a novel in my spare moments in January 2009, hoping to have 80-100,000 words by the end of that summer. Here I am over a year later, and I'm 75,000 in with the first draft wrap-up all figured out. Yes it took me longer than I planned, in part because some evenings I could only get a couple sentences down, and others I was too tired to write at all, but I managed to do a little bit MOST days. As long as the missed days don't string themselves into a week or more of inactivity, don't be shocked by days like you describe. Just don't let yourself get comfortable with them!


  2. NOT failure... Any writing plan must include a contingency for times when you cannot get to the keyboard. Maybe bump up the wordcount for the other days. Even NaNoWriMo, which is 1,667 wpd if you do it according to raw numbers, suggests you have a higher daily WC so that when you take off a day here or there you don't get behind.
    Go now, you are forgiven.