Monday, April 12, 2010

An Unusual Kid

My sister's kid was at our house this weekend. She gets along really well with my youngest daughter. I took the kids to the park, and they were all playing, and suddenly, I hear my sister's kid yelling really loud at my daughter. Thinking I've got some kind of fight to break up, I head over there.

"Hey, what's going on?" I ask.

My sister's kid smiles and tells me she's pretending to be Black Canary. This kid is three, remember, and she's pretending to be Black Canary. I can't help but crack up laughing. I'd never heard of Black Canary until I was in my thirties. She's like a B or C-List DC character. How the freak does this three year old know Black Canary, and moreso, how does she know Black Canary well enough to pretend to be her while playing? Maybe there's some cartoon out there that Black Canary is a big part of? Because it's not like this three year old is reading the books, which is the only place I've ever seen Black Canary appear.

My sister's husband is a pretty big time comic book nerd. He's not a big nerd, but he is a big time comic nerd. He's turning all his kids into comic nerds too. It's funny, because he has three girls, but that hasn't stopped him. Instead, his girls pretend that Cinderella goes to the ball and she dances with Superman. It's always funny to see.


  1. See, that is so much better than my own sister's kids, who spend their time pretending to be reality TV stars and whorey socialites. I'd much rather hear my niece say, "See, I'm the Goblin Queen, and that's why my boobs are uncovered," than "No, I want to be Kim, I was Khloe last time!"

  2. Black Canary has made appearances on Smallville.

  3. Well, I doubt the three year old was watching Smallville though. She might have seen her on Justice League Unlimited. That cartoon brought in all the B-List and C-List DC characters, but even then, I doubt she was a regular on the show. Maybe I'm wrong. I never really watched it.