Monday, May 3, 2010

Friday and Sunday

Hey, I wanted to start off thanking everyone who has given me encouraging comments on these posts about writing. It really helps me on days like I had last week, when everything is going poorly. I was able to put my head down and push forward all the same. So thanks for being there for me.

Friday worked out a lot better than the days before had. I was able to pound away at the keyboard for more time than normal. I even managed to make some words while pounding, how about that? You know what they say about a million monkeys on a million typewriters and all that.

So, after Friday, I'd reached 5,266 words.

This weekend I had written off writing (hmm, that's an awkward sentence isn't it?). I figured that I would spend all my free time getting this monstrously long story that we are doing on the podcast this week finished up. I had a long ways to go, so I didn't expect to have time to write. But on Sunday afternoon, I got to the end of the file I was working with. I didn't realize that I didn't have the whole episode with me, only part of it. The rest of it was on a thumb drive that I'd left at work. Well, work is a long drive away, so I wasn't about to run out and grab it. Instead, I just had to say I was done for the day.

Now I had an evening that I'd set aside for podcast editing that was totally free. I decided I ought to use that to get in some more writing. So, my nose went back to the grindstone on my story, "Prime." I managed to write until I'd reached 5,766 words.

This story is going to be a long one. I think I could safely call it a book. It's probably going to be as long as many Juvenile or YA novels when it's done. It may not be as good as many Juvenile or YA novels, but it'll be as long. I decided I would go forward with this longy because for a long time I've been wanting to read a story that I'd written to my kids. They know I like to write, but they don't get to read what I write, because it's usually too adult for them. This time, the main character is a kid in middle school, so there won't be a lot of stuff going on that they can't read. So, when I'm done with it. I'll spend a few nights reading it to the little tykes. Hopefully they enjoy it. Then I'll send it to Lizanne Herd, and she'll tear it apart, and tell me what I need to do to improve as a writer. I think it'll be more fun to read it to the kids, no offense, Liz.

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