Monday, May 3, 2010

Music For Generation X

Generation X is the generation that came after the baby boomers. They didn't know what to call us, so they labeled us with X, that mysterious letter that could mean anything. Wikipedia says that generation X runs from those born in 1961 to as late as 1981. I was born in the later half of the whole generation X thing, and by the time I was finishing up college, my generation had earned a reputation. We'd gone from being considered slackers to being the young, forward-thinking tech-savvy internet generation represented by the people who started Google, Amazon, E-Bay and many other internet based companies.

For years I've been living with that sort of an image in my mind, so imagine my surprise when I turned the radio to a station that I've listened to for years, and found that its format had changed to, "Music for generation X." Up until recently, they'd been an alternative radio station. That format apparently wasn't getting them enough ratings, so they bailed. Now they play music from the late eighties through the early part of the 2000s. Stuff like MC Hammer, Matchbox Twenty, Black Crows, Faith No More, Goo Goo Dolls, and Tone Loc.

But music for generation X? We're the young, forward-thinking tech-savvy internet generation. Not the old people that need a classic rock station made just for them. Am I old enough now that the oldies station is targeted at me? Am I my dad, listening to the fifties songs with wistful enjoyment? No! I'm not old, dammit! Not yet! I haven't even hit 40 yet. Give me a chance to be young while I still can, please!

The worst thing is I really like listening to the stuff they play. It really takes me back.


  1. Woah, I'm generation X, too.

    Just give me some Guns&Roses and a case of really cheap beer, and I'm transported back in time....

    now get off my lawn.

  2. I'm a 67'er, so I gots a ton more music in my life than you. If it has "Classic", "Original", "Oldies", or "and today" in it, I listened to it. Just give me my Metamucil and clear a path...