Monday, March 11, 2013

Karaoke Again

You've heard Rish go on and on on TGMG episodes about karaoke, how much he loves it, how he mistakenly thought it might get him chicks, that sort of thing. So you've also probably heard him talk about how he's tried to get me to come out to some of the local karaoke places to partake in the fun.

A few years ago, he tried so many times that it was a miracle that it never actually happened. Then he seemed to give up on me.

But our karaoke night in Las Vegas reignited his fire, and he started asking me about it ever week again.

Something always came up that kept us from karaokeing. But, unbelievably, we finally got together the other night and sang some karaoke at a local restaurant.

I brought my family along, because they did all ages karaoke at this restaurant. My girls sang a couple of songs, my wife refused to sing, my older son was at a birthday party so he couldn't participate, and the baby...well, he did baby things, like poop his pants, tip over our plates, and tear up napkins. He was, however, the hit of the place. Everybody and their dog wanted to talk to us about how cute he was, and how much they loved babies. They all wanted to give him five, which is one of those tricks that we've never taught any of our babies, despite the fact that everyone who meets them wants to do it. You'd think by this fourth child we'd have learned.

It got late, and my family left, but Rish and I hung around and sang some more songs. Here's some video of a few of them.

It was fun, but the place was mostly pretty dead. Not a great audience to sing to. After his first few poorly received songs, Rish decided to start singing audience participation type songs. "Do Wah Diddy" by Manfred Mann didn't quite do the trick. But then he sang "Twist and Shout" by the Beatles, and that kind of did the trick. I was surprised when people actually got up and started doing the twist and everything.

Anyway, we had a good time. The DJ almost begged us to come back and sing again. She told us about how awful her normal clientele were, and how nice it was to have people who sang real music and didn't try to do it in a group of five or more people, but performed a normal decent way instead.

Considering the atmosphere, though, we may try our next outing at a different karaoke bar. Give them all a chance and see which is best or something.

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  1. Most disturbing to me was when that group of girls stood up and began chanting the words to that Taylor Swift song. I had never heard that, in my decade now of doing karaoke.

    It was so creepy, like they were going to start in with "Mola Ram Suddah Ram . . . Mola Ram Suddah Ram . . . Kali-mah protects us . . . we are her children."