Friday, March 8, 2013

Me Grimlock Kick Butt

When I started out this week, I was weighing 265 pounds. But I had a newfound determination to turn my backward progress around.

This really began back when I decided to run a marathon this year. But sickness derailed me a little bit. Now it's all behind me, I ran four days last week. And this week it will be five days.

The real change I made this week was a determination to eat right. I've been running for a while, but my diet has been a crash course in weight-gain-ology. Soda, sweets, chips, and so on. Just crap.

This week, I finally turned that all around. And guess what. I'm kicking butt. It feels really good. I've turned down many offers for sweets and carbs this week. And I've gone from 265 on Monday to 257 this morning. Five days, eight pounds. That's really good. And I'm going to keep it going. How could I not with results like that?

By the time swimsuit season arrives in a few months, I'm going to look like a friggin' greek god! Or something like that anyway.


  1. But you ALREADY look like a Greek god.

  2. Okay, I checked, and Dionysus was the Greek God of Wine.

    But Bacchus sounds funnier, so I'll stick with the Roman one.