Saturday, March 9, 2013

Long Cold Winter At An End?

This winter has been colder than most, and much snowier than most as well. It's been pretty miserable. But it has been warming up through February, and my spirits have been rising with every degree on the thermometer.

Then yesterday, I was stretching my calves on the front porch step after I'd finished running, and I looked down into our flower beds and I saw this:

That is a tulip pushing its way out of the soil. It came! It finally came!

Spring is finally arriving and the long and dreary winter is at an end.

A further investigation of my flower beds uncovered this:

Yes, an actual blooming flower! Yes! Oh, Richard, I'm so happy. Hold me.

Unfortunately, Old Man Winter never goes quietly. I'm sure he's got a few nasty tricks up his sleeve left for us. But it doesn't matter. His time is done. And the sun, warmth and happiness are back!

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