Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weigh-in Day #8

Sorry, it's been one of those days. I just finally got around to posting the weigh-in. Last week, I was at 263.2-ish, since a few moments later I weighed myself again and it said I was over 264. Well, considering how this weekend went, I'm pretty glad to say that I am:

Which is pretty much the same weight.  In fact I weighed myself again before I left for work, and I was 262.4.  So, weird like that, right?

I was hoping to get under 260 this week, but it all went to crap over the weekend.  So, I'm making the 260 barrier this week's goal.

I think I can do it.  As long as I freakin' stick to my food plan (that's a new non-negative term for diet, you know like pre-owned instead of used).  On days that I am good, I drop weight like it was hot.  If only I could only eat what I should every single day for a long period of time.

So far, I've kept away from sugar and carbs, like I pledged to do on Monday.  I really mean to make it the whole week.  Then I think I will have a nice Hershey's Symphony bar with almonds & toffee chips.  Then, I'll go back on the no sugar thing for another week, and think of a new treat to look forward to.  Delayed gratification is supposed to make things all the better, right?  That's what I've heard.  That's why Sting does that Tantric stuff, right?

Anyway, Tena, Marshal, Jeremy, Tobias, how'd it go for you?


  1. I did really well this week. I lost 1.8 pounds, for a total of 7 pounds lost (4.7%). It's been nearly 2 years since I was this weight, so I'm pretty happy about this. I hit mile 60 of my goal of 300! My goal for this upcoming week is to do better about eating my fruits and veggies (unlike yesterday where I survived on carbs and meat... yummy but spaghetti sauce really doesn't count as a veggie) and to break the 140 barrier. I am going to a "Guts and Butts" class at work tomorrow over lunch, so we'll see how that goes.

  2. I am discouraged because I am back up to where I started. Very frustrating. I didn't go hog wild or anything, but I wasn't diligent. But now I'm angry, so maybe this was the kick in the butt I needed.

  3. That is frustrating, Marshall. Keep trying! I found that my easiest and biggest help has been discovering that there's a Starbucks 0.75 mile from work, so I can take a break in the afternoon and walk over there for my afternoon coffee and get a 1.5 mile walk in. Maybe there's something like that you can do. (I am loving your Journey Into podcast, by the way, thanks to Bigg and Rish for sharing it.)