Monday, April 21, 2014

Weigh-in Day #10

Okay, so it's a brand new day, and a new dawning. What the hell does that mean? I don't know. But I am trying something new, anyhow.

As you might recall from my last weigh-in, I was getting a little disheartened.  I had been plateaued for a while, and I was sick of eating a diet's food without getting a diet's reward.  So, what happened from there...

Well, I've decided to try a new way of eating.  It's similar to what I've been eating before, but this one includes more carbs.  It's something called carb-cycling.  Basically, you eat high-carb one day, low-carb the next day.  You don't cut anything in particular out of your diet (like I have been, eating low-carb exclusively), but you do have to eat things on separate days.

Supposedly, it should raise my metabolism, so that I don't get stuck on plateaus.  So, how did it go?

Well, first of all, the back story is that gave up trying in the days after my last weigh-in report.  I ate whatever I wanted for several days running.  I had Carl's Jr. (notoriously high in calories), Pizza, and candy galore.  To the point that I weighed just shy of 270 again when Monday morning came around.  Monday is when I started into my carb-cycling.  By this morning, however, I weighed:

Now, this might seem like it should be a let down, because I weighed 262.6 at last week's weigh-in.  But, I actually found it to be a rollicking success, because I weighed 270 just five days earlier.  I think this carb-cycling might be exactly what I've been looking for.  It is, however, a little more complicated, and might take me some time to really get used to it.

I need to give it a few more weeks to see what kind of results I might get.  Unfortunately for this upcoming week, it follows Easter weekend, and I didn't stick to my diet at all over Easter weekend.  So, I'm sure to have ruined everything and have to start again...again.  Soon enough, though, I'll get 100% on track, and then we'll see some results.

So, Tena, Marshal, Jeremy, how are you guys doing?  Tobias, I haven't heard from you in a while, I'm guessing you're doing your own things these days, right?

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  1. So far (as of Friday) for the week:
    0.6 pound gain (dammit!!) I blame hormones and fried chicken.
    10.4 miles walked/run
    1 at home workout (Bikini Body Mommy Day 2 - only doing these periodically)
    Nutrition goals met-ish... not really very good. I was close to my maximum goal nearly every day. Also, there was lots of fried chicken. Calorie wise not so bad, but veggie and fruit wise not so good.

    Summary of Challenge to Date:
    8 pounds lost (5.4%)
    84.4 miles walked/run
    3 inches lost on waist

    Goals for next week:
    Break the 140 barrier!! This means a 1.7 pound loss will be needed. I can do it!
    10 more miles
    Guts and Butts Class or 30 mins of Bikini Body Mommy workouts
    Avoid sweets that comprise more than 10% of my daily intake total.
    Keep 200 calorie "cushion" between my maximum intake goal and where I actually end up. I have Sparkpeople set up to include my calories burned, so this is really not that bad.

    I did manage to come off of Easter weekend without gaining anything, so that was really good. Now to kick ass for the rest of the week!