Thursday, July 24, 2014

Excited About Writing Again

I've done a lot of moaning and whining in my day about my progress, or lack thereof, toward my dream of becoming a writer.  I whined so much that Abigail Hilton suggested that I shut the hell up, and maybe just try being a consumer for a while, maybe just read books and not worry about writing until I got myself in a better place with more time to write and stuff.  I just couldn't do that, though.  Writing might not be something that I had to do, but whining is such a part of me, that I couldn't give it up.

I suppose everyone gets in a funk of one sort or another here and there throughout their lives.  I tried really hard and got skinnier a few years ago, and then this summer, I got into a funk and am fat as I ever was again.  It's gonna take some effort to un-funk-ify myself.  Similarly, for probably three years or more, I've been all funked up when it comes to writing.  I can pull myself out of it for a short while, but not long term.  I don't seem to emerge from the ending of a story writing session with any verve for doing more.

That seems to have changed because of this live-blogging exercise that Rish and I (and Marshal) have done.  I finished a story, and now I'm really excited about writing more.  Rish gave me a broken mirror topic to write about the other day, and I've already written 2,000 words on it.  And I don't believe that it will be a novelette like Fireflies was.  I think it'll end in 7,000 words or less.  So, I'm as much as 30% done with my next story already.

Depending on what Rish and I decide, you may see that story appearing here on the blog just like Fireflies did.  But, if you don't, then you'll see something else appear here on the blog.

On the drive to work today, I was thinking about that story I've been talking about for...years now probably.  It's called Sunny and Gray, and I've written the first chapter of it, but it will probably be a novel length before it's done.  I want to actually write that story, instead of waffling about like I usually do.  So, I think what I'll do is post the first chapter here on the blog, and keep posting it chapter by chapter as I write it.  It will be much slower in coming though.  I'm thinking of posting a chapter, then writing a different short story in between each chapter.  It'll be strung out over a long period of time, but eventually, the whole thing will be here.  Especially since I know that my readers are waiting to hear more.

So, my next post on here will be chapter one of Sunny and Gray.  Then, well, depending on what Rish says, probably the first 2,000 words of my new story, Dr. Claw.  I'm so excited about this stuff folks!  It's such a change, and I'm going to pounce on it, before it wears off and goes away.

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