Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fireflies - Day Seventeen (Live-Blogging A Story)

Shoot, Saturday is hard.  Too many things to do around the house.  No time to write.  I did manage to get 402 words, pretty piddly, but it's what I got.  So close to done too.  Sigh.

That puts me at 16,157.  I wish I'd managed to finish it.  I probably won't  get to write at all tomorrow either.  Sooner or later, I'll finish up this last scene.

Anyway, here's words:

His leg ached where it had recently healed, but he ignored it, pushing through the pain.  He couldn’t spare a second for something insignificant like pain.  Not when his neighbors were dying at the hands of Trevon’s nightmares.  He pulled the latch on the gate, and dashed through.  He could hear footsteps behind him as he ran, footsteps and panting.  That dog thing must be on my tail, he thought.
It had to get in line.  The backyard was as full of creatures as the front.  Oscar dove and rolled as a dinosaur that looked like a cross between a brachiosaurus and a tyrannosaurus rex took a swipe at him.  It’s enormous jaws snapped shut above him, and he heard the dog that had been trailing him yelp.  As he came back out of his roll and popped back to his feet, he glanced back over his shoulder and saw the dogs long legs dangling out of the dinosaur’s mouth.
Now he was at the back patio door.  He threw it open, and dashed in through the living room.  The house was teeming with dream monsters.  At the far end of the living room, Oscar saw the other end of the creature that had completely filled the entryway.  It was a mammoth.  A bright blue mammoth. Its bulky body stuffed into the tiny hallway so tightly that Oscar could see the walls cracking against the strain.  Its legs were pinned underneath it, out of sight.  That is, if it actually had legs at all.  Considering that it came from the dreams of a child that still wasn’t quite a year old, it possibly might not.
He stepped over and around each unusual beast that blocked his path.  There were more of the cucumber snakes thrashing blindly around the main floor, breaking holes in the walls and crushing furniture.  He pushed his way past the dining room table and a pile of what looked living spaghetti noodles, and mounted the stairs.  
He was only ten steps from Trevon's bedroom door when the cucumber dragon caught him by the leg. Its spines dug into his ankle, and it pulled his foot out from under him.  He screamed as he fell to his knees.  He felt his shoe filling with blood as the thing slithered its way up his legs, the spines on its body digging deep furrows in his flesh as the went.


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