Sunday, August 3, 2014

Broken Mirror Shards - Dr. Claw (Day 7)

Okay, got some more words written.  But before we go there, the links to the others in the contest:

Bria Burton
Rish Outfield

Alright, got another 566 words in, putting me at a grand total of 4,866.  Here you go:

            Brody slipped the quarter into the coin slot, and it lurched to life again.  He couldn’t try to aim for something, because what he was hoping for wasn’t visible in the pile.  The last time he’d aimed for a plush football, and from somewhere beside it--or from a wormhole into the ether--the claw had grabbed the lottery ticket.  The Oakland Raiders plush football was no longer in the machine.  Someone must have won it, or perhaps there was a guy who came out and rotated the toys in the machine.  He had no idea how the upkeep of claw vending machines worked.
With his mind mind drifting back to the first time he’d won, he remembered Jason’s imitation of the Toy Story character.  A movie line sprang into his mind, but it was from a different flick.  He found himself trying to imitate the line out loud like Jason had the first time around.
“Ooh, watch yourself. It's the claw. Ooh, the claw's comin' at ya. Ooh, you're scared of the claw. You're scared of the claw.”  His impression of a cheesy Cary Elwes from Liar, Liar was not nearly as spot on as Jason’s alien had been.  Jason really had some kind of talent for voices.  He probably should have gone into a line of work that would utilize it.  He could have been the next Mel Blanc in Brody’s opinion.  Despite Brody's lack of expertise, saying the quote out loud gave him a feeling of confidence.  It was almost as if he had said the words for the spell, and now the magic was doing its work.
Brody hit the drop button, and the claw fell into the pile of stuffed animals.  It appeared, as it always did, to have secured nothing at all in its clutches, but when it started to rise, Brody noticed that it had something dangling from one of its fingers, something strange.  Brody blinked, and realized that it was a key ring.  There was one of those fancy new electronic keys.  The top end was large and red, and on it was a yellow crest with a black horse rearing up majestically in the middle of it.  Brody knew that crest from somewhere, but he wasn’t sure what it was.
The claw returned to its start position and  dropped the key into the basket.  Smiling broadly, Brody pulled the key from the machine.  It wasn’t a lottery ticket, but this was definitely something worth a lot of money.  This was the key to a new car.  His smile faltered as he wondered just where exactly the car that this key belonged to might be.  The key wasn’t worth much on its own.
Holding the key out in front of him like a trophy, he walked out the door to survey the parking lot outside.  It was relatively deserted, apparently the rain had kept most people at home getting delivery instead of heading out to eat in a pizza restaurant.  There were only about twelve cars nearby, and of those, one jumped out immediately as the special one of the bunch.  It was sleek, and low, and bright red.  On the hood of this dangerous, growling beast of a car was the same yellow crest adorned with a rearing horse.  The symbol finally clicked home in his mind.  It was a Ferrari.  Dr. Claw had just given him the keys to a Ferrari.

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