Monday, August 4, 2014

Broken Mirror Shards - Dr. Claw (Day 8)

Another 419 words today.  Another scene in the saga.  I'm up to 5,286.

Before I go on, here's the links to the other participant's sites:

Bria Burton
Rish Outfield

If you're not already reading their stories, you should.  I've always thought that the coolest thing about Broken Mirror events is seeing how everyone starts with the same premise but has such vastly different stories.  Personally, I haven't read their stories yet, because I don't want to taint mine in any way, and I feel that I would bring something from theirs if I did, or I would think, "their story is good and mine sucks, I should give up now."  I don't want either of those things to happen, so I'm waiting until I'm done to go over and read theirs.

Anyway, off we go to storyland:

Brody’s name was on the papers in the glove box of the roadster.  The car was his, but it was a temporary relationship.  It was less of a temptation to keep it than one might think.  Yes, it was an awesome car, but Brody had some serious bills to pay.  Yes, it would be the ultimate chick magnet, but Brody didn’t even really know how to drive a stick shift, so he wasn’t going to be impressing anyone jerking and stalling his way down the street.  
He had to take it out and drive it, because...well, it was a Ferrari, but he found that he couldn’t do anything with it.  He couldn’t even take it out on the freeway and get it up to speed, because he didn’t trust himself not to make a fatal error while shifting and crash the thing.
He needed money more than anything, so he took the car to the Ferrari dealership, and sold it back to them.  According to Google, a new Ferrari 458 Spider sells for around $257,412 dollars.  A rather specific number, but it’s what came up when he searched.  Brody knew he wouldn’t get that much for his Ferrari, despite the fact that it was in mint condition.  He, like most people, had heard the adage at least a hundred times that a car’s value decreases significantly the second you drive it off the lot.  From what Brody could tell, this Ferrari hadn’t been taken off the lot at all.  When he got in it the first time in the parking lot outside Round Table, the odometer preposterously still read zero.  Zeros all the way across the dial.  But of course he couldn’t argue that fact with anyone and expect them to accept it.
            The folks at the Neillo dealership were pretty cool with him though, they said they had several people who had been asking after a used 458 Spider, and when Brody walked off their lot, he was $200,000 richer, and one beautiful car poorer.  So, despite it actually being worth less in actuality, since Jason and Todd hadn’t been with him and he could keep all the money for himself, the Ferrari turned out to be more valuable to him than the lottery ticket.  With that kind of money in his bank account, he could relax again, pay his bills off, and finally get that novel written.  Maybe there was still a way to get into Tena's affections as well.  Things were looking up again.

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  1. I have this feeling he's going to annoy me with bad decisions again...