Monday, October 20, 2014

Mail Time

"Here's the mail, it never fails, It makes me want to wag my tail, When it comes i wanna wail, MAIL!"

Many parents will remember that song, and its source. But it's been a long time since those days. Mail is electronic now.

Most people don't get much other than junk mail in their snail mail boxes. I know we don't. We only bother to bring in the mail about once a week or less. We obviously don't check our mailbox often enough though. Here's how I know.

My wife went to pull the mail out today, and ran away from the mailbox screaming, because a spider was right there on top of the mail. That spider got scared off, and we managed to get the mail and take it in the house. Then, as she started looking through it, another spider came out from under the letters...then another. And these were big ugly hairy spiders too. Something like this one:

My wife was turning apoplectic. I squashed the spiders for her, and found a kind of spider nest attached to some of our letters. Our mail had been left there long enough for spiders to totally move in. I don't really know how spiders work, but I've never heard of them settling in as families, so my guess is that somehow the spider mother laid eggs, and they hatched, and were about ready to move out before we finally came and got the mail.

 That's kind of sad. And hella freaky.

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