Friday, November 17, 2017

Elementary Thanksgiving

Just went to a thing at my kid's school. A Thanksgiving lunch that all the parents can attend, and eat with the kids. It cost $4 to be able to sit and eat elementary school cafeteria food with my son. It was fun, but I have to say I'm glad my mom always made me a peanut butter sandwich to take to lunch when I was a kid. I remember I used to be jealous of the kids that got hot lunch. Unless the quality of lunches has decreased extremely significantly over the past 30 years, then they should have been jealous of me.

The worst part was, I looked around and saw that a bunch of people had brought their own lunches, or stuff from Subway, or Whattaburger or whatever. I didn't know that was an option! I figured you weren't invited if you weren't paying the $4 and eating the cafeteria food. That experience could have been so much better.

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