Friday, July 30, 2010

Cool Picture For You

On our way back from our family reunion, we drove many many miles down Interstate 80. At one of the rest stops we found this:That's a bird's nest that was built right above the door to the women's restroom.

Cool how nature sometimes does that, intrudes on our civilization and stuff. Once, our porch light at my house was broken. The cover was hanging from the ceiling by only one screw, the other one had come loose, fallen out, and gotten lost. Being ultimately lazy, I left it that way for a while. Then one day, I walked out my front door, and a bird buzzed my head as it flew away. I looked up, and saw that it had gathered a load of twigs and twine and so forth, and put it in the dangling light cover on my porch. The perfect place for a nest! I quickly grabbed a chair and unscrewed the other screw that was holding the cover on. The last thing I needed was to be attacked by birds every time I came out my front door because I'd come too close to their nest. The bird came back a few moments later, and cruised around, confused. Where had that whole nest it'd been building gone? Then it moved along, and found itself a nest somewhere else.

Anyway...carry on.

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  1. Barn swallows! Big mosquito eaters. Nice camera :)