Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Deal

Rish was complaining last night that he's tired of coming to my blog only to find it as blank as my stare when he asks me to come up with something funny on the spot while we're recording the show. He didn't take my excuse that I only blog when I have something worth writing about, and I just didn't right now. He gave me several suggestions for what to blog about, and then disappeared into the night with a puff of smoke and a rustle of cape.

So, I guess I'll write a little something on here today.

Um, perhaps you're wondering what the deal is with the podcast right now. After all it's been a little more than two weeks and there hasn't been a new episode yet. And it was a little more than two weeks since the last episode before that was posted as well. If you're wondering about that, let me tell you that it is 100% my fault. Things have conspired against getting episodes out quickly these days. Rish has had our post-story comments edited for a while, and I've been struggling to find time to edit the story together. I'm almost done, but it's just going slow.

It's going to probably keep on like that for the foreseeable future, too. My wife is now working full-time, which places much more demand on my time for child care. My kids matter more to me than probably anything else in this world, so the podcast sometimes takes a backseat. Also, it's summertime, which means everyone is taking vacation. Where I work, it's the kind of job that things must be done that day. You can't just put a message on your phone that says, "I'm out of the office this week, try back next week," and then catch up on things when you return. You have to get everything done each day. So, when someone is on vacation, I wind up turning my schedule on its head to cover their shifts. That's what I was doing last week, and what I will be doing again next week. Then after that, it's my turn for vacation.

So, it's like that.

We'll try to keep your Dunesteef fix a comin' at a decent interval, but for the most part, you'll just have to wait. Sorry.

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