Monday, December 13, 2010

Just When You Thought It Was Safe... go back in the water, the fat guy shows up.

Yes I am very skilled at the self-portrait.

You know, I found that the beach was much more private when visited in December. Maybe that's because the water is so bone-numbingly cold. Sure it only gets worse the farther north you go, but nobody's dumb enough to get in the water farther north.

Not only did I freeze my feet to painful levels, the damned seagulls at my lunch when I had my back turned. One bird pecked through the plastic bag to get at our bread, and once a seagull has touched something of yours, you sure as hell don't put it in your mouth. Rats with wings.

We wound up eating at a nearby McDonald's. Not a huge step up from seagull-pecked bread, but at least it was sanitary.

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