Friday, December 10, 2010

You Gotta Hear The Remix!

I've been to Disneyland a few times in my life, but it's been many years now. I'm not like some of those serious Disney-philes that are there at least once a year sometimes for weeks at a time though. I've been to Disneyland twice before and Disneyworld once. But that was enough to get the feel of it, you know. Disney is a peculiar kind of park. It's for kids, and it's kind of anchored in a certain time period's technology. Animatronic figures make up a huge part of their attractions, from the Abe Lincoln to the Carousel of Progress to the Small World to the Jungle Cruise to the Tiki Room to get what I mean.

A lot of these rides have been the same since the 1950s when the park opened in the first place. So everybody gets that same Disney experience. And many of these rides have become so iconic that even though people hate them, know they will hate them, they still stand in line for them and take the time to float through them at least once.

Now I'm not one of those people who might hate a Disney ride. I went on the Small World ride last week and actually loved every minute of it, especially the big finale. But it wasn't the normal Small World ride. It was the remix.

During the Christmas season, Disney does everything up in fantastic Christmas decorations. They're really nice and beautiful. They have a Christmas parade, and fireworks that culminate with a fake snowfall (pretty cool, except that I see real snow all the time. We'd come to L.A. to escape the snow).

There's main street done up in Christmas decorations.

And the winter version of Sleeping Beauty's castle.

But, like I said, I got the remix of Small World. It was the song everyone knows, mixed into a medley of Christmas songs like Jingle Bells. And they did this in other places too.

Yeah, that's Jack Skellington. He makes the Haunted Mansion his home during the holidays. That's cool, to me. I wonder what my kids thought though. They'd never been to Disneyland. They've never seen the Haunted Mansion as it normally is. It's hard to appreciate a remix or a cover song when you've never heard the real tune. And worse yet, will my kids show up at Disneyland next time and think it's not as good as the remix is?

It's like me hearing the Tiffany version of the song before ever hearing the Beatles version, and then being disappointed when I finally heard the original, because it was different from Tiffany's version. That's just not right. Not right at all. I hope it doesn't happen to my kids that way.

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  1. The Bangles' "Hazy Shade of Winter" is better than the Simon & Garfunkel version. There, I said it.