Tuesday, December 14, 2010


...was not only a fine film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It apparently is something that I have a tendency to suffer from. I never knew until I put myself hundreds of feet in the air on the bridge that spans the canyon where the Hoover Dam is located.

Here I am, taking another crappy self-portrait. I didn't get all the dam in the background, but it's okay, because I got a picture of the dam by itself.

After snapping these noteworthy photos, I looked down at the canyon below me. My stomach did not appreciate the view. I was sick to my stomach for at least a half hour after that. It took about that long for my stomach to quit complaining two days before when we went on those world famous teacup rides at Disneyland too.

I guess I'm just a lightwieght after all. If only the scale agreed with me. Too many snacks in the car, and now it tells me I'd better start exercising or the next time I step on there it may break.

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