Monday, March 26, 2012

Fitness Challenge Update #2

So, it's Monday again. This week was very up and down for me. Each morning I'd weigh myself, and be alternately pleased and enraged.

Tuesday, my weight was 268.

Wednesday, it was 267.

Thursday, it was 268 again.

Friday, it was 266. Oh, Thursday must have been some sort of abberation.

Saturday, it was 268...again!

Sunday I ate really poorly, scrounging chocolate chips out of the pantry, desperate for something sweet, and Monday morning when I weighed in for the week?


I don't understand. It was a successful week, but a really frustrating one.

I also wound up working out by myself all half of the week too. My crossfit trainer was sick, and my normal workout partner didn't show up. Counting this morning, it's been three days in a row. Despite that, I showed up every time, and worked hard. And I guess it paid off.

Oh, I'm also now in first place in the contest at work. I pulled just ahead of the person who had me beat the first three weeks. I wonder if I can keep that up. I'll do my best anyway.


  1. You shouldn't even consider those one or two pound changes. Your body can fluctuate quite a bit from day to day depending on how much you've had to eat and drink and how much of that you've retained or excreted, and even a fairly accurate scale isn't always exactly right.

    Really though you shouldn't be weighing yourself every day. Only one of three things will happen: the number will stay the same, the number will go up, or the number will go down. Basically 2/3s of the time you're going to feel like you're not making any progress, and weighing in day after day, having given yourself only the most miniscule amount of time to change, only exacerbates that.

  2. I agree with the above.

    And way to go on being in first place at work! You're obviously doing something right. Keep up the good work and don't be too hard on yourself.