Friday, March 30, 2012

Speilberg? Really?

I don't what he's doing here, but Steven Spielberg was eating at the Texas Roadhouse down by the Walmart the other day. My wife was out with her friends having a girl's night out, and there he was, sitting in the table just across from them.

If you doubt that it's him, well one of the waiters got his autograph and showed it off to them.

She sends me a text: Steven Speilburg is sitting the booth across from me. No joke

I got that text as I was doing the grocery shopping. It seemed a little ironic, if that's the proper usage of the word, which I'm sure it's not. She doesn't care enough about Steven Speilberg to even know how to spell his name correctly, yet she's the one sitting across from him at the restaurant, and I'm doing the grocery shopping.

I called Rish, and told him about it, and asked him what Speilberg was working on these days. He said he's doing the Abraham Lincoln biopic, so it can't be anything to do with that, hell our state wasn't anything more than a nearly unsettled territory back when Lincoln was president. There's no reason imaginable that they'd be filming for that here.

Maybe he just came for some spring skiing.

No matter what, it's a bit of a bummer that it was girls only night with my wife and her friends. I'd have really liked to have been there.


  1. How crazy! I once met Danny Masterson (curly-haired guy from That 70's Show) at an outdoor concert in Clearwater. I think it was Third Eye Blind, which was a surprisingly crappy concert. He was just standing there smoking a cigarette, and my friend was convinced it was him. I think there might have been one guy with him, and we came up and asked if he was DM (luckily my friend knew his real name). He said yes, and we chatted for a minute before about 50 other girls slowly pushed their way in to talk to him. I guess we broke the ice for them. Not as well-known as Spielberg, obviously, but it surprised us both to see someone even semi-famous just chilling and clearly not caring that no one seemed to notice who he was for a while.

  2. My uncle said he was in town for an art gallery opening. I'm surprised you didn't do a story on it on the news.

    I sort of wish I'd driven down to pester him for an autograph. Would've been better than driving all over looking for an incorrect address.